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Alice Feraru - video still

Life Long Burning: Alice Feraru, Corina Rafael & Mircea Hristescu

Life Long Burning: Alice Feraru, Corina Rafael & Mircea Hristescu

Explore Festival #14 – Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival 12.10.2019 // WASP Working Art Space and Production Mircea Hristescu, Alice Feraru & Corina Rafael Multimedia installations Inside out The series of images represent a large space photographed in different time periods (2017-2019) from opposite viewpoints. The affective approach to a series of images

Sound Archive – Hierarchy – Coaching project

EDUARD GABIA (RO) 24.10 – 30.10 / 10:00 / WASP FINAL PRESENTATION 30.10 | 20:00 | WASP white box The work time will be organised in two stages: the first stage will consist in collecting the material in three forms: recorded sounds, actions that produce sound, concepts and ways of listening – representing the archive.


death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie – delayed choreography in chapters

AGATA SINIARSKA (PL) 19.10 / 20:00 / WASP premiere:05.10.2013, Poznan choreography and performance: Agata Siniarska artistic mentor: Bush Hartshorn technical realization and lights: Łukasz Kędzierski production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk this solo is happening 24 frames per second/ like in a real movie/ this solo is in chapters/ this solo is dramatic but


Meet the Next Generation

Meet the Next Generation (MNG) – a program dedicated to supporting and promoting young choreographers and dancers across Europe, will continue in 2013 with a series of coaching, research and choreographic creation activities. Organized by 4Culture and WASP – Working Art Space and Production, Meet the Next Generation is an annual program which includes coaching,