Elena Copuzeanu and Emilian Săvescu (RO), Virtual Me

video interactive installation
(video, photography, projection screen)

Virtual Me is a video-interactive work resulted from the collaboration between a visual artist/performer, Elena Compuzeanu, and a photography artist, Emilian Săvescu. Through the Virtual Tour technology, the two explore the posibilities of using this media technique to create virtual tours in real and imaginary spaces, that feature performative video inserts.

Artistic statement:
“The virtual tour represents a suite of panoramic images with a 360 degree perspective of the surrounding environment. The panoramic image, shortly the panorama, allows the spectator to explore a space in detail, as if they were there. The professional virtual tour can contain tens of such views, interconnected through connected points. A complex 360 virtual tour represents a whole interactive picture; it’s real, objective and exhaustive, facilitating the unlimited visit of all details.”
— Emilian Săvescu

“I activate in the dance, performance and visual art fields. My research work swings around these three subjects. I was part of a series of interdisciplinary projects and I am concerned with exploring the connections between various expression methods. I like to communicate with others and with the space around me. In my performances, I am looking to articulate body language and to discover the various layers which make it visible.”
— Elena Copuzeanu

Elena Copuzeanu and Emilian Săvescu are two of the artists in residency at X Platform, the newest international art residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans media projects in Bucharest.