Ioana Gheorghiu | SOUND


Date: 22nd of October, 21:00
Duration: 30 min

Testing reductions with an affinity for maximum synthesis: there is nothing else but sound.
Following essentialization methods, speech is reduced to intonation, revealing the relation between content, sound and affect within speech. What is challenged is the notion that music is not semantically charged (apart from particular musical sequences that are acknowledged to have explicit function, like the military march). The relation between rhythm and knowledge assimilation as conveyed by studies on musicality of speech sets the premises of an environment where sound is performing speech and intonation has autonomous meaning.

This project is the continuation of the series Synthetic Sophisms initiated within the context of Black Hyperbox and it was further developed with the support of 4Culture and Life Long Burning.

Performance within the “WASP Working Art Space and Production 2016 Creation Residencies Project”.
“WASP 2016 Creation residencies” is a cultural project co-funded by the Ministry of Culture, through ACCES Programme and AFCN – The National Administration of Cultural Fund.
Producer: WASP Studios
Co-production: Asociația 4Culture
Partner: Workspace Brussels

Ioana Gheorghiu is employing the tropes of visual arts and music rehearsals to read into the time based modalities of dance and black box performance. Sliding from the approach of performativity pertaining to the white cube, she is working lately within the black box temporality. Current projects look at affect as embedded in the musicality of speech, reduction methods (sound or movement exercises to obtain maximum of synthesis), reasoning overdoses. She participated in exhibitions and presented individual and group performances at Rosas Studios Brussels, National Center of Dance Bucharest, WASP, Lateral Art Space and Pilot Space (The Paintbrush Factory Cluj), The Cultural Center of Chorbadjisko, The Immunology Laboratory Bucharest, Atelier 35 Bucharest, Platforma Space Bucharest, Alfred ve dvoře Theatre Prague, CIAC Pont-Aven.