Labyrinth | Maria Balabaș and Deniz Dilek

Michaux 1

Date: November 15, 20:00
Duration: 30 min

The labyrinth is the principal subject of the sound performance conceived by Maria Balabas and Deniz Dilek. The two artists had as starting points two separate events: the reading of a poem by Henri Michaux and a meeting that occured in the real life. In a time when on everyone’s lips are the fast sollutions to existence, the idea of the labyrinth seems lost in a space of fascination and fear, both dangerous feelings for a „healthy life”. How you put in sound the idea of labyrinth, how does a labyrinth sound, how one reads a poem, what language fits better a poem, which language goes better with yourself, how does the communication appear between unknown characters? A final question: how each person solves his or her inner labyrinth through the interaction with the other?

Maria Balabaș is a Romanian artist and radio journalist. She moderates Dimineața crossover – a daily show broadcasted by the Public Cultural Radio and she created projects dedicated to the new forms of radiophonic creation (The Sonorous Generation). She initiated musical groups such as Avant’n'Gard and Soare Staniol, inspired by techniques of improvised music, electronic and acoustic music. She creates installations generated by the artistic interest for the acoustic memory specific for field recordings.

Starting to play guitar and keyboards in different rockbands Deniz Dilek studied music, philosophy and computational linguistics in oldenburg and potsdam. he took composition classes with electroacoustic composers jonty harrison, kees tazelaar and gottfried michael koenig at udk and tu berlin. His acousmatic music often touches aspects of music and language, cinema and surrealism.
In the fields of improvisation and live electronics he recently worked together with new music composers Caspar de Gelmini and Gregory d’ Hoop, the poet Tobias Scheucher and the jazz saxophonist Thomas Pertzel. During the last years he did different sound designs for product design and teached max msp and composing music and hörspiele with tablets for children and teenagers.

Performance within the “WASP 2016 Creation residencies” project.
“WASP 2016 Creation residencies” is a cultural project financed by the Ministry of Culture, through ACCES Programme and AFCN – The National Administration of Cultural Fund.
Producer: WASP Studios
Co-production: 4Culture Association
Partner: Workspace Brussels

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