Natalia Pieczuro | Informal presentation after a week of residency at WASP

Date: 27.10.2016, 20:30

Duration: 10-15 min

Work in progress by: Natalia Pieczuro

Working title: This kind of bird flies backwards

Choreography and performance: Natalia Pieczuro

Music: CHVE/Amenra

Collaborators/ Special thanks to: Garage29. Ambasada Braziliei în Belgia, Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, workspaceburssels

The material that will be shown is a part of the solo This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards, which is the working title of new solo work – in progress – by Natalia Pieczuro. For this solo she took as an inspiration “moments when we feel we are alive and “different extremes”. Starting point of the work are moments of her life as well as “stories” of others – people who are not afraid of being alive. She tries to find her muscles, find her bones. Her ancestors. Her Grave. She tries to find the moment of absence and presence at the some time – to find Life. She is facing the loneliness of decision making and a deep need of communication with the other. The solo exists for the moment in a short version of 20 min.

Natalia is currently working on the long – full evening – version of the solo. This full evening version will be also presented in option with live music of Amenra, for certain performances.

Presented within a Wild Card Residency offered as part of the project „Residencies and Choreographic Productions Life Long Burning 2016”, a co-production of 4Culture Association and WASP Studios.

”Residencies and Choreographic Productions Life Long Burning 2016” Project is co-financed by  AFCN – National Cultural Fund Administration and the Cultural Programme Bucharest – ”The In-visible City” 2016, through the Bucharest Municipality Cultural Projects Center – ARCUB and Bucharest City Hall. 
Life Long Burning Project is financed through Cultura Programme of the European Union.