Creation Residencies WASP 2016

Michaux 1

Producer: WASP Studios
Co-producer: 4Culture Association
Partners: WorkSpaceBrussels, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dansatelier Rotterdam, Black Box Theatre Oslo, The Centre for Contemporary Photography in Iași

Artiști participanți:
Ioana Gheorghiu
Irina Gheorghe
Valerie Oberleithner
Ingrid Berger Myhre
Maria Balabaș
Andrei Cozlac
Corina Tătărău
Eliza Trefaș
Georgeta Corca
Vlad Benescu
Elena Copuzeanu

Creation Residencies WASP 2016 answers an authentic cultural need of a segment of artists who doesn’t have the necessary resources for developing their professional activity.

Transdisciplinarity, syncretism, and innovation are the main directions targeted by the project, therefore we aim to promote artists and projects that create a direct relation between contemporary arts, whether it comes to the visual arts, music, performance, and dance. The residence program supports the research, but in the same time integrates, seeks, supports and promotes the ypung generation, offering a framework of direct communication.

Creation Residencies WASP 2016 proposes a new research and artistic production concept, WASP Studios and its partners also getting involved in the process of disseminating the creations produced during the residence, through administrative and logistic support. The residence program focuses on 4 main directions: dance, performance, visual arts and new media, encouraging the interdisciplinary character of the proposed projects, and trans-disciplinary formats.

Creation Residencies WASP 2016 is a cultural project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, through the program ACCES and AFCN – The National Administration of Cultural Fund.