IDEAL PARADISE | Claudia Bosse


Performance:  7&8 Octombrie  2015, ora 20:00 @ WASP

IDEAL PARADISE is a workcycle produced by Theatercombinat and supported by Wien Kultur, and is in parts coproduced by Tanzquartier Vienna, FFT Düsseldorf, Weltmuseum Vienna, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2015, Donaufestival 2015.

IDEAL PARADISE creates a performative landscape. The installation becomes a performance, that is becoming a lecture. It is about space. It is about the politics of space. It is about territory and the borders of its negotiations. It is about conventions and inscriptions that manifest themselves in spaces through our bodies. It is about the sounds and the arrangements in spaces. Art spaces, museums, public spaces. It is about our political present. How do we live? How do we want to live? In between which borders? The audience becomes part of constellations, is situated in walk-in sounds from absent spaces and consisting of voices thinking about our political present. Unsettling terrain or possibility of another society?

The material was created during the working cycle IDEAL PARADISE by claudia bosse and theatercombinat, that has been taking place in different spaces in vienna – the ethnografic weltmuseum, a theater and the municipal space. the artist and choreographer claudia bosse developsIDEAL PARADISE shifting space together with the sound artist günther auer and the performer rotraud kern.

Claudia Bosse is an artist, choreographer, artistic director artistic and cofounder of Theatercombinat, an interdisciplinary production company based in Vienna. After she studied theatre directing at Ernst Busch School of Dramatic Arts, she works in the field of theater (experimental) among instalations, choreography (of the space), urban interventions and she generates ”political hybrids” defined by designing the space with special constelations, adapted to each kind of audience. Claudia Bosse develops international instalations, choreography and artistic creations for museums, arhitectural ensemble, theatres and urban spaces. She teaches, holds courses, publishes, initiates or takes part in several projects, and collaborates constantly with artists and theoreticians of different artistic genres.