Absolute Helligkeit, Naoko Tanaka (JP/DE)

3.10.2014 / 19:00 / WASP
(installation | performance | 40’)

Concept, stage, sound and performance: Naoko Tanaka
Dramaturgical collaboration: Adam Czirak
Photography: Naoko Tanaka, Henryk Weifenbach
Production: Naoko Tanaka, Christine Peterges
Coproduction:  SOPHIENSÆLE – supported by Senatskanzlei Berlin, PACT Zollverein Essen
Supported by: Kunststiftung NRW
Technical director on tour: Milos Vujkovic
Thanks to: Walter Freitag, Jo Grys, Murata & Friends, Alise Michon
The presentation of “Absolute Helligkeit” in Bucharest is supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.



In a room that lost its stability, a single point of light is the real protagonist. This autonomous eye floats like a satellite in the universe, stimulating the senses of the observer in order to uncover unknown spheres of our thoughts.

In astronomy, the concept of absolute magnitude (Absolute Helligkeit in German, literally absolute brightness) is a measure which allows us to compare the brightness of individual stars. The brightness is calculated at a distance of 32.6 light years and allows us to comprehend that which goes beyond the limits of our physical perception. This installation and performance delves into the connotations that this mathematical measure evokes, in order to relate the subjective and the objective, the sensory and the tangible.

Naoko Tanakastudied Oil Painting (Department of Fine Arts) in Tokyo University of the Arts. In 1999 she was awarded a scholarship at the Academy of Art in Dusseldorf, Germany. Since then she has created performance pieces and installations in which choreography and visual art are intimately related. Tanaka, together with the choreographer Morgan Nardi, founded the Ludica. artist collective in 2001, which was invited to the German Dance Platform in 2010. In 2011 she created her first solo piece, Die Scheinwerferin, which is performed successfully around Europe. The show received in Novi Sad at the INFANT Festival the jury’s prize of the jury for exceptional expression, it received the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2012 at ImPulsTanz and it received the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize 2012 at the Zürcher Theaterspektakel. With this performance and installation Tanaka created a specific and artistic language. The second part of the ›shadow trilogy‹, Absolute Helligkeit premiered in July 2012 in SOPHIENSÆLE Berlin. Naoko Tanaka developed further her artistic language. She was responsible not only for the concept of the installation and performance but also the visual and sound design.