Drifting Towards Non-Existence, Julia Danzinger (AT)

04.10.2014 / 19:00 / WASP
(preview / performance / 30’)

Concept: Florian Fusco, Julia Danzinger
Choreography, Performance: Julia Danzinger
Sound, Stage Installation: Stefan Voglsinger
Photography: Nicole Aistleitner, Barbara Brandstätter, Anja Köhler, Thomas Öhlböck
Supported by: 4Culture Association, WASP – Working Art Space and Production, danceWEB, Life Long Burning, Tanzquartier Vienna, Modul Dance, CND Pantin, Fohnstiftung Vienna, MA7 fund Vienna.

What is a body in a system where true situations have no meaning? An advancement to Julia’s Werkstück residency at Tanzquartier Vienna (2013) Drifting Towards Non-Existence deals with personal representation in the digital and the real world in different settings. Inspired by the physical identity of the Hikikomori — people who, by isolating themselves, remain present only in the digital world — this performance explores the lost and rediscovered notions of skin limitations.

Julia Danziger was born in 1981 in Vienna in a musician context and graduated with a University Diploma of Social and Cultural Anthropology in 2010. Between 2005-2009 she trained in contemporary dance professionally across Europe and she is now working and living as a freelance dancer/performer and choreographer in Vienna. She has previously engaged in performance activities in France, Sweden and Austria, and has signed a number of own choreographic projects: POLYPHONIC LAB, Verlass die Stadt, …so not conform! with Nicole Waller, rushupslowdown, Jeux d’eau, bodymantics, Was ist, wenn nichts mehr ist?, Souvenir, 1#, expugno/expugno 2.0, Von Wann Nach Wo, and My body is a drugstore I and II. Together with choreographer Anna Knapp, she is the founder of the House of Motion association.

The final presentation of the Life Long Burning residency offered by 4Culture Association in partnership with danceWEB to Austrian choreographer Julia Danzinger. A project hosted by WASP – Working Art Space and Production, as part of the 2014 residencies & productions programme. A cultural project financed by: Life Long Burning, with the support of the European Union’s Culture 2007-2013 Programme, the Ministry of Culture, AFCN – The National Cultural Fund Administration, The Bucharest City Council Centre for Cultural Projects and ARCUB — București 555 Program.