WASP Studios

WASP is an alternative private house for contemporary dance, visual art experiments, underground contemporary theatre makers, and the multimedia addicted. A 500 sqm contemporary art space, in a former communist factory, is now a centre for contemporary art production and working space.

WASP has 2 studios (white box and black box), and art exhibition space, and a media lab (in progress).

WASP is also the venue of eXplore dance festival – Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance, and hosts the offices of 4Culture Association.

Trailer WASP

  • Numar studiouri: 2

WASP Studios (Download PDF)


Black Box: 200 m², height 4,5m – 5,5m.

White Box: 90 m², height 4,5m – 5,5m.

  • Exhibition areas: 2


40 m² (8m X 5m), height 3,3m

45 m² (2,5m X 18m), height 4,5m

Pillars: no

Floor: wood floors; vinyl dance floor in black or white on request

Tech. equipment: sound system, light system, video equipment, ramps and raised platforms, 120 chairs, seat cushions

WASP Equipment (Download PDF)

Facilities: toilets, changing rooms

Availability: en bloc rental, hourly rental

Prices: on request

Address: contact@waspmagazine.com

Contact: www.waspmagazine.com

Black Box -  dimensions 200 m²

White Box - dimensions 90 m²

Exhibition area 1: 40 m²

Exhibition area 2: 45 m²