Jardin d’Europe / Artisti in rezidenta 2013

Anna Nowicka is a dance maker and psychologist. She graduated from the Warsaw University, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, and Ernst-Busch/HZT in Berlin. In recent years, based on her long-term interest in the work on dreams, imagination and physical actions, she started developing a methodology to be applied to an artistic creation. Her focus lies on questions of imagination and creativity, and the body as a field of potentiality, in a state of constant becoming.

Originally from Romania, Casandra Stelea completed her BA in Choreography at the National University of Theatre and Cinematography „I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest. In 2011 Casandra obtained a scholarship in England to do her Master Degree in Performance at the University of Chichester.

Eeva Muilu is a choreographer and performer based in Helsinki. She received her MA in Dance from the Theatre Academy of Finland and has also studied at the Amsterdam Theatre School (SNDO). She worked as a house choreographer at Zodiak – Centre for new Dance from 2007 to 2009.

Milja Sarkola is a freelance theatre director and playwright. Sarkola has directed dance pieces for Zodiak – Center for New Dance and written and directed plays for Lilla Teatern and the City Theatre of Kajaani, Finland.

Eeva Muilu and Milja Sarkola are the 2012 winers of Prix Jardin d’Europe, within ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna.

Juli Reinartz studied at the Master for Choreography at the University for Dance and Circus (DOCH). Juli previously worked with Marten Spangberg, Xavier LeRoy, Mette Ingvartsen, Alice Chauchat, Jefta VanDinther, Frederic Gies, Christine de Smedt, and Eszter Salomon. Her latest production, “pressure and velocity”, premiered in MDT in September 2012 and Juli is invited to join with it the project called “Library” in Iceland and Uferstudios Berlin.

Sonja Pregrad is an author and performer. She has finished an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship at Universitaet der Kunste Berlin and holds a degree from ArtEZ, ex – European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since 2007 she is co-founder and organizer of Improspections, an initiative for the affirmation of improvisation as a performing art in Zagreb. Since 2009 she is working with the visual artist Sanja Ivekovic, performing her work ‘Practice makes a Master’ at MoMA/New York, AdK/Berlin, BAK/Utrecht, PSI International/Zagreb and ZKM Karlsruhe.

Willy Prager is an independent artist, graduate of Theatre-studio „4XC“-Sofia. He has completed „Synthetic Stage Arts“ at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1999 and is a danceWEB scholarship grant-holder (2001) and Theater Treffen Berlin 2000. In 2013, Willy Prager graduated the MA SODA program in UdK-HZT Berlin. Willy Prager is co-founder of the Nomad Dance Academy and the Antistatic festival Sofia.

Nathalie Wahlberg is an energetic dancer and performer based in Sweden, with a great passion for movement and cross-border collaborations. After her studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet School she joined the Postgraduate Performance Company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, VERVE, UK. Currently she works on freelance base as a contemporary dancer and teaches preparation classes for professional dance education in contemporary technique and classical ballet.

two-women-machine-show  is a project name under which the Danish choreographers and performers Ida – Elisabeth Larsen and Marie – Louise Stentebjerg have joined forces. Since their first collaboration, the duo has been preoccupied with themes such as mass phenomenon, monoculture, the uniforms and unison movement.  Recently, two-women-machine-show was awarded with a double grant from the Danish Arts Foundation to continue their work and research.

Entering contemporary dance through a Bboying background, Luke Jessop graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, England, in 2011 and began working with 2Faced Dance Company in their triple bill ‘In The Dust’. In 2012 Luke moved to Brussels to work with Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus for the creation of ‘booty Looting’ as well as perform in other company works.

Momo Sanno is a freelance dancer and choreographer. He graduated from “Floria Capsali” Choreography High-School in Bucharest and studied the „John Cranko“ Ballet Academy Stuttgart (2000-2001). Recent works include FuturPointe Dance, USA, Traveling body and De Kiss Moves, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Victor Fung graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), and recently completed his postgraduate studies in choreography at London Contemporary Dance School. His production Not Enough (Beyond Reason) was shortlisted as one of the three “Outstanding Independent Dance” for the Hong Kong Dance Award 2012. Victor has been chosen to represent the UK in the latest edition of SPAZIO, a European network for dance creation.

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