20.10. – 26.10.2014 / 17:00 – 19:00 / WASP

Choreograhy and concept: Colette Sadler
Asistent: Maxwell McCarthy
Recommended age: 8-10 years old

This workshop performance is structured around the children creating material around a number of tasks and stimuli that relate to a theme. In this particular case, the theme is a ghost. But it is not any ordinary ghost, it is a dancing ghost. It has no home and no body so it wanders around from place to place, thing to thing, person to person, looking for a place to stay for a while. It is so light it can move around in space very fast and jump into things at any moment, making them come alive, move and talk in funny and strange ways. Where will our ghost land next?

One central stimulus will be looking at a series of pictures both contemporary and historical to create an imaginary space for the children to begin to think about how to make an image or other “dead” things move. These pictures can be copied, cut out and put together in different ways to suggest a multitude of configurations and actions, so the dance in this sense borrows from and takes inspiration from animation techniques. The children can even experiment in taking their own pictures for creative and documentation purposes.

A general physical warm–up before starting will prepare the kids physically for the workshop. Although the main focus of the workshop is to create movement material both individually, in pairs and groups part of this performance workshop will look at how the children can create “voices” or short narratives around the ghost theme. Simple costumes such as masks, wind machine fans and typical white sheet “ghost” representations or other costume/props ideas they may have during the process may be incorporated. The idea is that the children decide on the structure and dramaturgy of the performance so they get the feeling they are working together to create something of their own.

Born in 1974, Colette Sadler is an internationally acclaimed Scottish choreographer and dancer, who takes a humorous look at entertainment through the lens of post-modern dance. She has been developing work dedicated for young audiences since 2011 and also regularly teaches, gives talks and writes about her work in a range of contexts including at HZT Berlin (undergraduate studies) and RSAMD Glasgow.

Workshop organised in the frame of Performance Situation Room, a Life Long Burning activity, a project funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.