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DD Dorvillier - A catalogue of steps

► During the during. A catalogue of steps ► DD Dorvillier

► During the during. A catalogue of steps ► DD Dorvillier ► An online event with DD Dorvillier 19 November 15h CET, 16h EET, live on WASP Magazine facebook page  Structured in a very intuitive way, A catalogue of steps was born out of a need for distance and reflection in examining my own history

wasp 24 08 2020 tot didi elena web (262)

New video-art creations within Zoom In/Out. Immaterial performance project

Developed by 4Culture Association in partnership with Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest branch, National Heritage Institute, Life Long Burning European network and Bucharest Architecture Annual 2020, “Zoom In / Out-Immaterial performance” project invited contemporary artists active in visual arts, cinematography and  performing arts field, in an approach to research the theme of housing and the effects that the deprivation of direct contact

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Urban Incursions in the Visual // discussions with Ilinca Păun Constantinescu, Micheline Dufert, Manon Istasse, moderator Andreea Căpitănescu

The Urban incursions in the visual project is a continuation of WASP Studios‘ efforts to investigate the relationship between art and public space, between built heritage and nature, with a main focus on body memory and community. Conceived as a transdisciplinary project, Urban incursions in the visual brings together professionals from the field of visual


Practising solo collective Installations and video performances, presented for the first time within eXplore festival, 15th edition

Bucharest, October 21st 2020 Practising solo collective Instalații și video performance-uri, prezentate în premieră în cadrul eXplore festival, ediția 15 WASP Studios presents in October the results of the project Practising solo collective, carried out online and at WASP Working Art Space and Production between July-October 2020, results consisting of new solo creations by Flavia