Visualizing the Sound 2016 articles


Stephane Clor | „Perspective, thread and speakers, space installation, variable dimension, 2016“

Stephane Clor | „Perspective, thread and speakers, space installation, variable dimension, 2016“

Perspective, thread and speakers, space installation, variable dimension, 2016 Sound is shaped by the space as it shapes the space back. How does it sound? Is it visible? There is no illusion: your perspective might be different. Sound creates edges as lines do. An outside, an inside. Walls are reflecting details. Modulations need positions. Positions


Przemyslaw Sanecki | The Storm That Shelters the Carnival

“The Storm That Shelters the Carnival” is a software installation, which brings viewers closer to volatile and unpredictable financial phenomenon. The work consists of bespoke software, which is entirely driven by a real time market data. Visual data-structures and clouds of sound grains deliver the final aesthetic experience. Pure-data, which is a tool known in


Andreas Lutz | Zwölftonform

“Zwölftonform“ is an audio-visual performance by Andreas Lutz from 2015. Following the formal rules of dodecaphony, for “Zwölftonform” twelve consecutive titles are composed exclusively with twelve consecutive frequencies. The basic structure for each title is made up by to twelve different sound samples from a previously generated sine waveform. Built on this basis these arrangements

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Open Call for International Sound Artists and Visual Artists | Visualizing the Sound

WASP STUDIOS in co-production with 4Culture Association launches a call for projects and art concepts within Visualizing the Sound Program. „Focusing on innovation, this project tends to cover a segment of contemporary art rarely frequented in Romania, trying to offer artists the creative impulse that can integrate the idea of sound art with the ability to produce, research and explore new technologies