X Platform 2014 articles

Oana Ionel_May You See Rainbows.Or Not.



  YOU MIGHT SEE RAINBOWS. OR NOT. | Oana Ionel (RO) | film installation (TV screens, video) The “You Might See Rainbows, Or Not.” project focuses on two working cores: on one hand, the series of high expectations and desires that we develop in relation to our existence, and on the other, the reality that

delia andries 2_web

Delia Andrieș (RO), Selfdystopia. 3E

multimedia installation (GoPro camera, smartphone, cardboard glasses, belt) Starting from a medical particularity characterized by an abnormal organ location, Selfdystopia seeks to engage subjects in a surgery of immaterial intimacy, whose stakes are observation and awareness of subtle forms through which external stimuli configure interior mutations under state processes. Eyesights, Empathizers and Exile are modules

Livia Mateias_Teletension3

Livia Mateiaș (RO), Teleportal

multimedia installation (variable dimmensions / polipropilene spheres, video projections) Can we imagine teleportation? Mystery, unlimited possibilities, fragmented space, unknown cosmic matter, these are the topics of this installation. Comprised of Teletension, a fragment of space that pul- sates and reflects cosmic energy and Telematter, a transfer of power into the real, tangible and agglu- tinated

Lola Bezemer (NL), Colouring Space

Colouring Space | Lola Bezemer (NL) – light installation (video camera, projector, spotlights, plexiglass, photographic print)   The exhibition space is a stage for a play of light. Without light there is nothing to see. In this play colour is the main character. Light is a betrayer of colour. Sometimes colour can be caught through

Marius Jurca_Introspectie_2014

Marius Jurca (RO), INTROSPECTION_2014

INTROSPECTION_2014 | Marius Jurca | interactive digital projection (height: 2,5 m, width: 6 m / projection screen, PC) Introspection_2014 is a digital-interactive installation that involves both the artist and the user as active participants, in an visual-acoustic exploration of the random creative and decisional processes of the human mind. The installation is comprised by three

Elena Copuzeanu and Emilian Săvescu (RO), Virtual Me

Virtual Me | Elena Copuzeanu și Emilian Săvescu (RO) | video interactive installation (video, photography, projection screen) Virtual Me is a video-interactive work resulted from the collaboration between a visual artist/performer, Elena Compuzeanu, and a photography artist, Emilian Săvescu. Through the Virtual Tour technology, the two explore the posibilities of using this media technique to