Programme 2014

eXplore dance festival brings once more an intense and concentrated program in front of its audience, questioning the movement and the body presence, testing the limits of technology versus conceptual art and performance, developing moving stories for a wide public.

The 9th edition of the festival is a reflection of the international residency and production programs developed in the last year, in Bucharest, by 4Culture and WASP, encouraging creative experiments beyond artistic borders, searching for new formats of trans-disciplinary art.



eXplore dance festival #9 performances program consists of a selected number of works, introducing to the audience strong voices of nowadays European dance scene. Using a variety of artistic directions and aesthetic influences, the program aims of building a new and necessary dialogue about contemporary body, with all its political, emotional and social messages. A body drained of meaning, looking for a new, upgraded content in a consumerism era. A body without any reference points then its own brain.

Date Hour Name Location
3.10.2014 19:00 Absolute Helligkeit, Naoko Tanaka (JP/DE) – performance installation| 40’ WASP
3.10.2014 20:00 Treasured in the Dark, Thiago Granato (BR/DE) – work in progress | performance | 25’ WASP
3.10.2014 21:00 Score #21 – Method of Elimination, Thomas Steyaert (BE) – dance performance | 50’ WASP
3.10.2014 22:00 Official Opening & DJ set WASP
4.10.2014 19:00 Drifting Towards Non-Existence, Julia Danzinger (AT) – preview | performance | 30’ WASP
4.10.2014 20:00 An Un-Folding Process, Isabelle Schad (DE) – dance performance | 50’ followed by an artist talk WASP
5.10.2014 18:00 CLIMAX, Yasmeen Godder (IL) – dance performance | 180’ MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art
7.10.2014 19:30 0002 | birdville, Simona Deaconescu (RO) – premiere | dance performance | 50’ followed by an artist talk WASP
8.10.2014 19:30 0002 | birdville, Simona Deaconescu (RO) – premiere | dance performance | 50’ followed by an artist talk WASP
10.10.2014 19:30 DEEP DISH, Liquid Loft/Chris Haring (AT) – a real time choreographic film | 70’ WASP
11.10.2014 19:30 Black, Mette Edvardsen (NO/BE) – performance | 25’ WASP
11.10.2014 20:30 No Title, Mette Edvardsen (NO/BE) – performance | 40’ followed by an artist talk WASP
12.10.2014 19:30 STAFF, Andreea David & Ingrid Berger Myhre (RO/NO) – performance | 50’ followed by an artist talk WASP

*Tickets for the performances cost 20 lei. Student tickets are available for 10 lei.
**Tickets will be on sale 1h before the start of the performances at the venue.
Please be aware that seats are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your free ticket in advance at Reservations made in the same day as the performance will not be taken into consideration.



Date Hour Name Location
3.10.2014 11:00 – 13:00 Master Class: Isabelle Schad (DE) WASP
11.10.2014 11:00 – 13:00 Master Class: Stephanie Cumming / Liquid Loft (AT) WASP
12.10.2014 11:00 – 13:00 Master Class: Mette Edvardsen (NO) WASP

*Master Classes registration will be made at:, by sending a CV and letter of motivation before October 3rd. Selected participants will get free access to all Master Classes within the festival.



A special, unique and non-conventional program dedicated to children, youth and family, including performances and workshops of dance, theater, new-media, creative drawings and games. Contemporary art seeks for a future open mind audience. And what better context for exploring it?

Activities organized by 4Culture, in the frame of “+0 dans”, cultural project financed by ARCUB – Center for Cultural Projects of Bucharest Municipality, through the Cultural Program București 555.

Workshops for children, youth and family

Date Hour Name Location
13.10. – 19.10.2014 18:00 – 20:00 BODY & ANIMATION — live cinema-performance workshop
Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez (DE/ES)
18.10. – 19.10.2014 10:00 – 11:00; 11:30 – 12:30 CREATIVE DRAWING – exercises of drawing improvisation
Laura Leonte (RO)
20.10. – 26.10.2014 10:00 – 20:00 DANCE & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP
Colette Sadler (UK)
25.10. – 26.10.2014 10:00 – 12:30 IN FRONT OF THE BLOCK WORKSHOP — generation Y games
Vlad Tomei & Mihai Gheorghe (RO)

Performances addressing to children, youth and family

Date Hour Name Location
16.10.2014 19:30 Domestic Products, Ioana Păun (RO) – avant-premiere | theatre | 18+ WASP
17.10.2014 19:30 Domestic Products, Ioana Păun (RO) – premiere | theatre | 18+ WASP
18.10.2014 19:00; 20:30 Zoomwooz, Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez (DE/ES) – live-cinema performance | 12+ WASP
19.10.2014 10:00; 11:30­ Creative Drawing, Laura Leonte (RO) – public presentation | 5+ WASP
19.10.2014 19:00 Body and Animation, Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez (DE/ES) – premiere | live-cinema performance with children 11+ WASP
19.10.2014 20:00 Habemus Bebe, Robert Bălan (RO) – theatre | 18+ WASP
25.10.2014 19:30 Domestic Products, Ioana Păun (RO) – premiere | theatre | 18+ WASP
26.10.2014 19:00 Ghost (A Real Cartoon), Colette Sadler (UK) – premiere | dance production with children 8+ WASP

*STAGE AND PLAYGROUND performances and workshops are FREE of charge, upon reservation at


X Platform

This year eXplore dance festival will present selected works from the X Platform exhibition, resulted from the newest international art residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans media projects in Bucharest, hosted by WASP – Working Art Space and Production. X Platform exhibition is curated by Olivia Nițiș. Mentors: Marilena Preda-Sânc, Ciprian Ciuclea, Jan Eugen and Cosmina Chițuc.

Organized by: 4 Culture Association, WASP – Working Art Space and Production, Tangaj Dance & Life Long Burning, with the support of the Culture Programme 2007 — 2013. With the support of Experimental Project.

A cultural project financed by: AFCN — The National Cultural Fund Administration and The Bucharest City Council Centre for Cultural Projects, ARCUB — București 555 Program.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Artist name Work
100ideas + Collective East (NL/RO) APEIRON
Livia Mateiaș (RO) Teleportal
Lola Bezemer (NL) Colouring Space
Łucja Grodzicka (PL/UK) Between
Marius Jurca (RO) INTROSPECTION_2014

*More information about X Platform are available here.


Useful addresses:

Festival venue and offices: WASP – Working Art Space and Production
Ion Minulescu street, no. 67-93, E building, 2nd floor, Bucharest.
Access: Subway station Timpuri Noi.

MNAC – The National Museum of Contemporary Art
Izvor 2-4, Parliament Palace, building E4, Bucharest.
Entrance from Calea 13 Septembrie.
Buss lines: 136, 385.

Additional information and ticket reservations can be requested at
Phone:+40 31 105 3143