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4 MINUTES 10 SECONDS 6 MONTHS | George Crîngașu

4 MINUTES 10 SECONDS 6 MONTHS | George Crîngașu

Date: 30.09, 20:00 The video developed for 4 MINUTES 10 SECONDS 6 MONTHS follows a linear motion of a virtual camera, its role being to show the personal journey of the construction of each scene. The artist wanted to represent a system similar to the one of the transition from static 2D to motion 3D

stephane clor


Sound installation for a specific space and a variable number of speakers How do we imagine a space around us by the action of hearing? What makes a space be unique? How can we cross different universes just by the action of listening? The dark room of resonances attempt to create a situation where the hearer



Performance & installation: 30.09.2016, 20:00 – 21:00 (eXplore festival #11 opening, also included in NAG) Installation: 30.09.2016-15.10.2016, 20:00-22:00  Artist resindency: 16-30.09.2016 Concept and main idea: Martyna Lorenc (based on a research together with Gaja Karolczak and Marysia Zimpel) Choregraphic research and performance: Martyna Lorenc & Andrea Maria Handler Installation: Ludmiła Kaczmarek Choregrapher Assistant: Gaja Karolczak Sound&video

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UPDATE: OPEN CALL | X Platform #3

UPDATE: The new deadline for aplications is on the 8th of August 2016 4Culture Association, in co-production with WASP Studios and Life Long Burning launches the 3rd edition of X Platform — a residency programme that offers support for the research and production of interactive projects, new and  trans-media, dedicated to the new generation of visual

body of work

BODY OF WORK | Performance & Artist-talk | Elana Katz (DE)

A solo performance that deals with social perception of paradoxical practices of hurting and healing on the body, as well as contemplates the value of physical pain in the medium of performance art. Katz’s corresponding artist talk focuses on works oriented toward the topics of violence, trauma, historical/ emotional landscape, and the body. Saturday, 24th


Body_less / Etienne and the Mini Doppler

interactive medical installation, 2015 by Emil Ivanescu_TACTIC, collaborator Cote Étienne-Jules Marey - middle of the XIXth century – one of the first who wrote the sanguine pulse into a cryptic language using a wooden primitive device – the body becomes a limit and the limit becomes a graphic concatenation of signs. Body_less - the beginning of the XXIst century

No Apples for One Month

No Apples for One Month

interactive installation, 2015 by Larisa David, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Livia Rădulescu, Iulia Sima (RO) No Apples for One Month opens a space for exploration of hidden paths and histories. Visitors are invited to activate the space by accessing fragments of time and stories. Inside the installation, movement is guided through a selection of personal narratives, reflecting on