Performance video installation // Ergonomica

Ergonomica – dance and architecture in the urban space // Performance video installation

4Culture and WASP Working Art Space and Production presents on 14th Novmber at WASP Working Art Space and Production -
20:00 – 21:30

■ Performance video installation ■ public interventions from Iasi and Bucharest ■ concept: Andreea Capitanescu, Arh. Ivanescu Emil, photo/video: Claudiu Cobilanschi, sound art: Maria Balabas, performers: Eliza Trefas, Vlad Benescu, Gabriela Iacob, Elena Copuzeanu, Malina Moncea, Mihai Florea, Larissa Danilov, Adina Diana Panainte, Andreea Capitanescu.

■ Performers: Elisabeta Trefas, Vlad Benescu, Elena Copuzeanu
Free entrance
Ergonomica – dance and architecture in the urban space, proposes an interdisciplinary approach, based on creativity, in order to bring together the dance and the architecture in a process of reconstruction / reproduction and urban regeneration through body and movement.

Ergonomica is a cultural program produced by 4Culture, in co-production with WASP Studios.

A cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration AFCN.

The project does not necessarily represent the National Cultural Fund Administrationțs point of view. AFCN cannot be held responsible for the contents of the project or for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. These are entirely the authors’ responsibility.

A cultural project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture.

This project is financed in the frame of the Cultural Program “Bucharest Participatory City” by the Bucharest County Hall through the Cultural Center of Bucharest – ARCUB.

Media partners: Radio România Cultural, Zeppelin, PostModernism Museum.


Klein Technique | Hanna Hegenscheidt

The purpose of Klein Technique™ is education, not on the superficial level of mimicking form, but on a profoundly deep level of understanding the full use of the body as an integral whole to maximize full function of each individual’s unique movement potential.

Klein Technique™ is Susan Klein’s personal struggle and education, both physically and intellectual, as a result of a serious knee injury developed as a dancer at 19.

„Klein Technique™ is a process through which the body is analyzed and understood to improve and to further movement potential. It is intellectual in that it uses anatomical realities. It is corporeal in that we strive for an internal knowing, an understanding which is integrated into the body. It is a movement education and re-education, that can be an underpinning for all movement styles, improvisations, athletics, and for the general health of the body in everyday movement. It is a technique that honors the individual. Klein Technique™ works at the level of the bones, to align the bones using the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the external rotators, and the pelvic floor. We don’t work to exercise these muscles but rather to wake them up, to become conscious of their role in the support and movement of the body. We work for the body to become elastic, responsive, and open to choices and expression. Although Klein Technique™ was developed by a dancer for dancers, it is a technique that works for everybody, from the virtuosic dancer to the non-dancer. When the bones are aligned we become connected, we become powerful and we become strong. The body becomes efficient and alive, and injuries often heal.” ©2007 Susan T. Klein

Klein Technique™ has been taught for more than thirty years in numerous countries. Among the hundreds of Klein Technique™ students are the most well-known members of the dance community including Trisha Brown, Stephen Petronio, Bebe Miller, Wally Cardona, Jeremy Nelson, Sasha Waltz and members of their companies. Those who have followed the precepts of Klein Technique™ have gained a confidence and completeness that serves to underpin their work whether as a dancer, an athlete, or as a non-dancer interested in improving their everyday function and health.

*the above text is selected from the official sites of Klein Technique™ and Hanna Hegenscheidt.

Hanna Hegenscheidt | BIO

Hanna Hegenscheidt is a choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin. She studied dance, Klein Technique™ (with Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler) and Laban-Movement-Analysis (CMA) in Hamburg and New York. She teaches Klein Technique™, dance and choreography (Susan Klein School of Dance, N.Y., HZT Berlin, HfM Cologne, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Meg Stuart, Studio LaborGras, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, Dance theater of Ljubljana/Slovenia, and Toronto Dance Theater, among others). In April 2011 she opened the studio 142 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where she offers open classes on a regular basis. Currently she is enrolled in the Master program for Choreography at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool foor de Kunsten.

As a performer she has worked with Gina Gibney Dance, Robert Wilson, Lise Brenner, Michael Simon, Gitta Barthel, Reinhild Hoffmann, Michaela Fünfhausen, David Weber-Krebs, Achim Freyer, Martin Clausen/Two Fish among others. 2008/09/10 she was choreographic assistant to Achim Freyer in Wagner´s Ring Cycle at Los Angeles Opera.

In 2004 Hanna Hegenscheidt began to create her own work in collaboration with dancers and actors from New York and Berlin. She has been presented at the Sophiensaele, Radialsystem, Uferstudios, Tanztage Berlin, Yorkshire Dance Festival, fabrik potsdam, Kampnagel Hamburg, Schwankhalle Bremen, Frankfurt Book Fair, Freshtracks DTW/N.Y., West End Theater/N.Y., Villa Warschau and others. In 2012 she directed Shock-Headed Peter at the MOKS-Theater Bremen. Hanna Hegenscheidt´s work with children and young adults involves projects with immigrant teenagers for the City Theater Münster and the Cactus Theater Münster and with the TanzZeit-Youth-Company Evoke. She is also part of TanzZeit-Time for Dance in Schools, where she co-founded the Kindercompany Radialsystem together with Livia Patrizi and Sasha Waltz and co-directed the TanzZeit-Nucleo Kücüc Kids Company2011/2012.

More information about Hanna Hegenscheidt :

Run | Silvia Călin (RO)

18.04.2015 / 19:30 / WASP

Run – Abridgment of the homonym novel by Ana Maria Sandu
Concept: Silvia Călin
With: Nicoleta Lefter

Visuals: Black Horse Mansion
Production: WASP – Working Art Space and Production

“My body is my only pet.
I take care of her, I feed her, but I haven’t yet managed to speak to her.
A friend from Canada has told me recently that she could.
I honestly envied her, especially when I decided to shrug off all the excuses and start running. This stinker habit which gets you out from the house in any weather…”
(Ana Maria Sandu, Run)

Silvia Călin about “Run” :
Each time when I read a text which leaves some traces in my DNA, I start almost reflexively an exercise through which I imagine how a dance piece would look like. Most of the word remains somewhere inside me and outside emerge only images, pulses, fragments of text…After I received Ana Maria Sandu’s book, “Run”, from the actress Nicoleta Lefter and read it, I thought that the first thing that I have to do is not to damage the text- a text that I like so much, and to fully valorize such a great actor. So, my challenge with this piece was to find the balance between word, movement and image.

Silvia Călin | BIO

Graduate of the Choreography High school “Floria Capsali” and of the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale”, Choreography specialization, awarded in 2000 at International Eurodans from Iași, Silvia Călin participated at workshops of contemporary dance led by Pascaline Verrier, Pascal Allio and Christine Bastin and was a member of ”Odeon Ballet” Company. She signed choreographies for theatre pieces directed by Teodora Hergheliu and Dragoș Galgoțiu.

Ana Maria Sandu | BIO

Ana Maria Sandu graduated the Faculty of Letters at Bucharest University and the Master Program of Contemporary Romanian Literature from the same institution. She lives in Bucharest. She debuted in 2003 with the volume ”From the memories of a Chelbasan” (Paralela 45 Publishing House), reedited in 2013 at Art Publishing House. In 2006 she published the novel ”The girl from the wagon house” at Polirom Publishing House, in the ”Ego. Prose” Collection. In 2010 she published the novel ”Kill me” (Polirom Publishing House). The novel was translated in Italian in 2012. In 2013 she published her forth volume, ”Run” (Polirom Publishing House). She is an editor at Dilema Veche magazine.

Nicoleta Lefter | BIO

Considered one of the most versatile actresses of film and theater from her generation, Nicoleta Lefter has been part of many independent theatre productions and employed at Odeon Theatre from Bucharest. For the part from the independent piece ”Three tall women” she received the Public’s Award for Best Actress in 2012, at the Marathon of Independent Theatre Bucharest. She also received the „Timica” Award for Best Actress and Young Hope with the piece „Titanic Waltz”, at the Boulevard Festival of Nottara Theatre.

See trailer:


Past representations:

05.03.2015 / 19:00 / WASP – premiere
13.03.2015 / 19:30 / WASP
21.03.2015 / 19:30 / WASP



WASP – Working Art Space and Production continues the series of actions which has as a purpose the professional development of those active in the field of performing arts. Starting from this year, the Professional Training Program initiated by WASP in 2013 becomes GROWASP – Ground for Research and Orientation.

The program includes workshops, special guests, public presentations, feedback sessions, opportunities for abroad training, artistic residencies and access to national and international productions, in a special layout designed with the purpose of developing new perspectives for young artists with or without specialized studies, in the desire to integrate them in the international context of contemporary art, offering training sessions in fields which are not available in the institutionalized educational system.

GROWASP 2015 includes dance film laboratories, real time composition, interdisciplinary classes, experimental music composition, contemporary dance classes with jazz and hip-hop influences, movement classes which put the focus on organic learning – Feldenkrais, Klein Technique, Contact Improvisation and Ashtanga Yoga.

  • Dance Film | Simona Deaconescu – the first workshop from a series on interdisciplinary workshops called I.D.M.P.A (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts) | March 4 – April 9
  • Ashtanga Yoga for Art Practitioners| Irene Zaarour | March 13 – April 9
  • Contemporary | Gigi Căciuleanu
  • Contact Improvisation | Joerg Hassmann (Germany)
  • Real Time Composition | Joao Fiadeiro (Portugal) – Octoberr
  • Experimental Sound | Eduard Gabia – May/June

Those participating in GROWASP will benefit, during the period of the workshops they register for, from a WASPer PASS, which includes:

  • access to the shows presented at WASP, based on reservations and in the limit of the available seats
  • free access to the WASP media library (video archive, publications, dance & contemporary art books and magazines)
  • access to Media Lab, which has video and audio recording systems, computer and soft for editing video material (for I.D.M.P.A participants).


Valentina de Piante - SOFT INSIDEOUT

SOFT INSIDEOUT Workshop, Valentina de Piante

Movement workshop following the Feldenkrais method

„My meeting with the Feldenkrais method has profoundly influenced the way I dance, create and teach. In 2013 I started specializing at Istituto per la Formazione Feldenkrais in Milan, founded by Mara Della Pergola, a direct student of Moshe Feldenkrais, and for many years I have been researching with different groups, from professionals to amateurs, the impact of body study on our personalities and on our way of being.”

What is movement?

The Feldenkrais method starts by questioning the body.
It considers the movement as a powerful instrument of knowledge, a part of a complex phenomenon that encompasses emotions and thinking.
Changing the way we normally move means changing our thinking and emotional patterns.

How can we become more aware of ourselves through movement?

Each of us has a unique way of moving and holds an infinite potential of actions, but, in lack of constant exploration and body awareness, these possibilities of action never materialize.

We feel before we understand.

This method teaches us that creativity, movement and sensibility in what we do changes the way we think and behave.
For Feldenkrais, thought, perception and emotion are all present while we act.

What will we do?

The method relies on organic learning and addresses all the persons who want to get to know themselves better: from young mothers to fathers and grandparents, from dancers to psychologists and physiotherapists, from professionals of various specialties to athletes. Through a series of lessons that eviscerate the infinite combinations and components of action, we get to reinvent neuromotor habitual schemes through playful and creative exploration. In this deconstruction of action schemes, agonist and antagonist muscles find balance and, once tensions disappear, emotions, images, ideas and other associations start to manifest themselves. In this context, we free ourselves from patterns, anxiety, conflicting emotional states, while accessing our personal potential and a harmonious and positive way of being.


The entire workshop will be as if we would learn, for a second time, in infinite ways, beyond our habits and the blockages we identify with. Without exterior models and through our sensations, we will become capable to free ourselves from unnecessary tensions, disorganized breathing, hurry, or the need to satisfy the others. Feldenkrais says:

“We don’t know ourselves. Actually, and you will realize this in a few minutes, the way we know ourselves doesn’t allow us to have real control upon ourselves. (…) You are not the ones who act out, but your pains, your illness, your inabilities, your old learned habits that you can’t even remember -these dictate your actions.”

Useful information:
This module consists of 5 classes
Enrollment tax: 250 LEI.
Enrollment tax for students: 200 LEI
Payment will be made in the first day of class.
It is possible for payments to be done in two installments: 50% in the first day of class, 50% in the 4th day of class.


Mondays: March 2, 16, 23, 30 | 19:00 – 21:00
Thursday: March 12 martie | 19:00 – 21:00

Participants are required to bring along a thin mattress or a blanket.
The number of participants is limited.

Registration:, with e-mail subject: SOFT INSIDEOUT Workshop Registration. Deadline: February 28, 2015.

Valentina de Piante | BIO

Valentina de Piante Niculae is a choreographer and dancer, with a PhD in Performing Arts. She is Assistant Professor at the Choreography section of UNATC I.L. Caragiale in Bucharest. As a choreographer, she studies the co-present of different types of body intelligence, a route from the biological to the imaginary that integrates different levels of consciousness: emotional, sensory, cognitive.

She participated in courses and workshops held by Lola Keraly, Yasuko Yokoshi, D.D. Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Ori Flomin, Gwen Welliver, Serenella Fonzar, Laura Aris, Odette Guimond, Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson, David Zambrano, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Yvan Wolf, Joseph Nadj, Anouk Van Dijk, Abbondanza-Bertoni, Roberto Galvan, among others.

She is a visiting professor at various universities and research institutes. In 2009 she participated in the TTT – Teaching the Teachers – Bucharest seminar, along Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Kopp and Jennifer Lacey. Starting the autumn of 2013, she began training in the Feldenkrais method at the Feldenkrais-Milan Institute to become a practitioner of the method.

Contemporary dance fusion workshop

Contemporary Dance Fusion Workshop, Judith State

This workshop is for all those passionate about exploring contemporary dance and its adjacent forms.

“Working at WASP throughout the past two years with people who had started their meeting with dance from a zero point and observing their remarkable capacities of adaptation and evolution, I decided to continue these workshops with a new module in which the material will be structured progressively, having a more intense approach and being finalized with a public presentation. The participation in the final presentation will be optional, but students will be encouraged to experiment what could be their “first meeting with the audience”.

The workshop will include technical exercises, improvisation, freedom of expression, play, relaxation and breathing exercises, combining contemporary dance with jazz, hip-hop and elements of musicality, which will bring the dancers in front of their own selves, free, stripped of thoughts and ready to express their feelings through movement.”

Useful information:

This module consists of 8 classes.
Enrollment tax: 350 LEI.
Enrollment tax for students: 200 LEI
Payment will be made in the first day of class.


Tuesday: April 7 | OPEN CLASS | 19:00-21:00
Tuesdays: April 21, 28, May 5, 12 | 19:00 – 21:00
Thursays: April 23, 30, May 7, 14 | 19:00 – 21:00
Friday: May 15 | PUBLIC PRESENTATION | 19:00 – 21:00

The number of participants is limited.
Registration:, with e-mail subject: CONTEMPORARY DANCE FUSION Workshop Registration.
Deadline: April 20, 2015

Judith State| BIO

Judith State is a professional dancer whose mentality is directed towards a complex and diverse approach of movement as well as a harmonious fusion between musicality and introspection. Permanently searching for new experiences, she is interested in traveling, meeting and working with choreographers whose styles vary from contemporary to jazz, street jazz and hip-hop.

She travelled to New York where she studied four months at Broadway Dance Center in the frame of the international training program ISVP. She also followed training programs in London, Goteborg, Germany and Italy, having the chance to work with choreographers like Brice Mousset, Massimo Gerardi, German Jauregui, Inaki Azpillaga, Laura Aris, Francesca Harper, Dana Foglia, Billy Bell, Chris Hale, Derek Mitchell, Luam, Candace Brown, Jared Grimes, Chris Judd, Neil Schwartz sau Jared Jenkins. In 2014 she received a danceWeb scholarship in the frame of ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival through a Wild Card from 4culture.

As a performer she danced in productions of the National Theater from Bucharest and of the Operetta Theatre ”Ion Dacian”. At the moment, she collaborates with Odeon Thether in productions which include musicals, contemporary dance performances and theate pieces. She is constantly working with Răzvan Mazilu as a performer and an assistent of choreography .

Judith is the founder of DaDans Project and FlashMob Romania, she co-choreographed the first season of Romanian TV show X-Factor and in 2014 she realized the first Romanian-German co-production with subsTANZ – company directed by Massimo Gerardi. Invited by 4culture, she developed in the frame of the Romanian Platform of Contemporary Dance and Performance 2013, a series of contemporary dance workshops for the students from Choreography High schools from Cluj and Bacău. Since 2013 she is constantly teaching contemporary dance classes for professionals and beginners at WASP – Working Art Space and Production.

More information about Judith State and her projects: