Body Scans

Abel Korinsky

interactive installation, 2015

by Abel, Carlo and Max Korinsky (DE)

The audio-visual installation consists of four interacting bar-code scanners. They respond to the movement of the people inside the exhibition space through the specific ‘beep’ sounds and flashing scan lights. The bar-code scanners moved by motors scan their surrounding constantly. The installation is inspired by a trivial machine we all know from our everyday lives, but here we almost do not recognize it. The scanners focused on the visitors remind us of security cameras that control parts of our life even if we are not aware of this fact.

Artist statement:

According to Korinsky’s artistic approach, digital and analog, physical and non-physical elements communicate with each other. The attraction of their work is the contrast of all these elements in combination to each other. The Korinsky brothers combine elements that initially do not belong together by following their unique aesthetic criteria, therefore new perspectives on what is familiar emerge. The audience is invited to new aesthetic experiences and is asked to focus on intuition while perceiving the multi-sensory works.