Contemporary Dance Course with Valentina de Piante


Starting on the 4th of November, at WASP – Working Art Space and Production, a new series of contemporary dance courses will take place. The first one, with Valentina de Piante:


The course will be held weekly, Monday and Wednesday, between 19:00 – 20:30 and is addressed
to all interested in contemporary dance.

Learning how to move is closely linked to comfort, love, support, but also to accepting of what is, to listening, to suspending judgment, to be moved by someone else, to say yes, to dare, to courage. How do I express myself if I start from a loved body, from a space that supports me, from a comfortable place? We will try to retrieve these experiences inside ourselves, in order to discover later that along with us the perceptions expand beyond us. We will work with body memory and time, observing how personal and collective stories are being transformed. I have started the specialization course in the Feldenkrais Method and I observe how words like “reorganizing”, “physical and mental flexibility” are nothing but a trampoline for feeling with the body’s mind and beyond it with the body’s heart. Since I have researched the somatic domain, I confess the appearance in myself of perceptions and actions that are totally new, and thoughts and emotions become clearer and more profound. I have felt a different quality of movement, an openness to something that is beyond any dichotomy between mind and body and movement started to make sense because it has become language.

Dancing then becomes an act of knowledge beyond the physical or psychological limits, opening us to the unknown.


Valentina de Piante Niculae is a choreographer and dancer and a PhD in performing arts. She is an assistant professor in the Choreography department in the U.N.A.T.C. “I. L. Caragiale” in Bucharest. As a choreographer, she is studying the co-presence of the different intelligences of the body, a path from biological to imaginary, integrating different levels of conscience: emotional, sensorial, cognitive.

She has participated in courses and workshops with Lola Keraly, Yasuko Yokoshi, D.D. Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Ori Flomin, Gwen Welliver, Serenella Fonzar, Laura Aris, Odette Guimond, Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson, David Zambrano, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Yvan Wolf, Joseph Nadj, Anouk Van Dijk, Abbondanza-Bertoni, Roberto Galvan, among others.

She is a guest professor in various universities and research institutions. In 2009, she participated in the TTT – Teaching the Teachers seminary in Bucharest, alongside Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Kopp and Jennifer Lacey. From the autumn of 2013, she started training courses in the Feldenkrais Method, at the Feldenkrais Institute – Milano 8 in order to become a practitioner of this method.

Participation fee: 25 RON/ session
Registering and details:

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