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Harry Sanderson - image credit CGI light simulation, harry sanderson 2015 photo credit harry sanderson


milled acrylic, video installation, 2015

by Harry Sanderson (UK/DE)


The installation is comprised of three individual caustic works made of milled acrylic, which are exhibited together for the first time. Caustics are most commonly seen in everyday scenarios, for example, when light is refracted through a glass of water. The direction that light refracts appears to be random, yet in the works presented here, light passes through in order to create a specific and recognizable image.



Artist Statement:


As an artist who works with digital technology, my primary focus has been with the material conditions of its production. I am interested in demystifying the technological interface and in challenging the idea that technology and its effects exist in a separate immaterial or ‘virtual’ sphere that is remote from the physicality of the human body and human social relations. I often work by refabricating and appropriating new technologies of surveillance and display. Since 2013 my primary focus has been working with scientists and programmers in order to create new visual technologies and, in the process, to better understand how they work.