Livia Mateiaș (RO), Teleportal

Teleportal | Livia Mateiaș (RO) | multimedia installation (variable dimmensions / polipropilene spheres, video projections)

Can we imagine teleportation?

Mystery, unlimited possibilities, fragmented space, unknown cosmic matter, these are the topics of this installation. Comprised of Teletension, a fragment of space that pul- sates and reflects cosmic energy and Telematter, a transfer of power into the real, tangible and agglu- tinated matter, placed somewhere at the border between the known and the unknown, the Teletension installation is like an open portal that leads to infinity. The occurrence and evanescence of this strained matter is unpredictable, being transferred by the ideatic process of teleportation into Telematter. Thus, Teletension remains an immaterial virtual space, an idea and a dynamic form of searching through the cosmic mystery, while Telematter becomes a real space defined by condensed matter.

The Teleportal installation entails the viewer’s imagination and suggests the immersion into an ab- stract space, in the realm of cosmic infinity.

Artistic statement:
I consider the cosmos as one of the greatest mysteries humanity has ever faced. My personal cre- ation is based on the interpretation of these cosmic themes, on imagining creative possibilities in the context of contemporary cosmological theories and on the invention of forms that interrelate in an artistic manner with different objects of cosmic inspiration. Searching infinity, mystery and the uncon- ventional are the topics that reflect a plus of interest which stimulate my personal artistic vision in a creative manner.

Livia Mateiaș is one of the artists in residency at X Platform, the newest international art residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans media projects in Bucharest.