Lola Bezemer (NL), Colouring Space

light installation
(video camera, projector, spotlights, plexiglass, photographic print)

The exhibition space is a stage for a play of light. Without light there is nothing to see. In this play colour is the main character. Light is a betrayer of colour. Sometimes colour can be caught through its reflection onto another surface. Filmic, photographic and sculptural elements alternate each other, all alluding to the possibilities of our perception. You, as a viewer, are a figurant on the set of your own observations.

Artistic statement:
In my work I research the perception of space. Spaces are constantly perceived differently. Even in a static interior space, perception is subjective, due to movement, for example. Movement changes light and perspective: this changes what we see. And something we often forget is that it’s actually the brain that sees, the eye just transmits. With my work I would like to create awareness to the subjectivity of perception. At this moment I am experimenting mainly with colour and light.
*I would like to thank my friend and colleague, Juri Suzuki, with whom I have been experimenting how light, colour and movement affect our perception and experience of space.

Lola Bezemer (NL) is one of the artists in residency at X Platform, the newest international art residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans media projects in Bucharest.