Master Class: Isabelle Schad (DE)

isabelle schad_3

3.10.2014 / 11:00 – 13:00 / WASP

Dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart and danced for many different choreographers before starting initiating her own projects in 1999. When she is not working on her own pieces, she is teaching at the MAC and BA in Berlin and internationally in the frame of workshops or short period projects. Momentarily, she is actively engaging in the free dance scenes of many Balkan cities/countries (Zagreb, Sofia, Skopje, Bucharest, Belgrade a.o.).

While her latest work explores space as another organ generated by the body itself, her research focuses extensively on the body and its materiality; the relationship between bodies, (re)presentation, form and experience; practice as a learning process; community and political involvement – among others.