No Apples for One Month

No Apples for One Month

interactive installation, 2015

by Larisa David, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Livia Rădulescu, Iulia Sima (RO)

No Apples for One Month opens a space for exploration of hidden paths and histories. Visitors are invited to activate the space by accessing fragments of time and stories. Inside the installation, movement is guided through a selection of personal narratives, reflecting on the line between the individual and collective. Where do our memories intersect with those of the others? How does this determine our movement in space? How much of our past is reflected in our present?

Artist Statement:

The project is the first result of a collaboration between Larisa David (visual artist), Smaranda Găbudeanu (actress, performer), Livia Rădulescu (cultural & social development project manager) and Iulia Sima (performer). Through it, we are exploring the interaction between mind, emotion, body and space in the creation and expression of personal stories, at a collective and individual level. We want to be active in more artistic fields: performance, interactive installations, public interventions, video art. The interdisciplinarity of the group is meaningful in our artistic path. We are interested in the way in which the interaction of personal stories, explored within the group, shape the final artistic product, the process becoming part of this product.