film installation
(TV screens, video)

The “You Might See Rainbows, Or Not.” project focuses on two working cores: on one hand, the series of high expectations and desires that we develop in relation to our existence, and on the other, the reality that often doesn’t match our expectations. The series of projections can represent the imaginary side of the coin, while the reality, the other. The dynamic between the two sides is generated by the life decisions and strategies that we adopt.

“You Might See Rainbows. Or Not.” presents the framework of a project. The first stage of work concentrates on acknowledging the importance of getting out of the comfort zone. Our life can take new directions, new dimensions, only when we apply new ways of action. The second sequence of work questions the inconsistence (that sometimes occurs) between how we imagine/want some aspects of our lives and their actual evolution to unfold. The new issue that arrises gravitates around our own relation to this matter.

Artistic statement:
Lately, I have been working in the field of painting, installation and film. Contemporary society dynamics oblige us, as induviduals, to always find new ways of adapting. In my works I focus on a double approach: to first identify the issues that the contemporary man confronts (a lack of profound communication, the focus on having — not being, the loss of reference) and, secondly, to identify the strategies by which we can improve our existential path.

Oana Ionel (RO) is one of the artists in residency at the X Platform, the newest international art residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans media projects in Bucharest.