17th November, 2022

WASP – Working Art Space & Production, 67-93 Ion Minulescu Street, Bucharest, Romania

The two #DIALOGUES part of the project “AND WHAT ART CAN DO ABOUT IT?” will take place on 17 November at 7pm. The talks feature artist Jon Dean and curator Anca Rujoiu. They are an integral part of the collaborative project conceived by Irina Botea Bucan & Jon Dean, Anca Rujoiu and Andreea Căpitănescu at the initiative of WASP STUDIOS. This educational project takes a public form between 17 and 19 November and includes: dialogues, artist presentations and activations proposed by the eight participants in the project. The full programme can be accessed on the event page:

“And what art can do about it?” questions a recurrent theme in contemporary society, namely the relationship between art and eco-socio-political crises, and following an open call in September, the project mentors have conducted workshops with the selected artists: Cosmina Morosan & Anticorp Solar, Elvisey Pisica, Gene Tanta, Irina Motroc, Kiki Mihuta, Moncea Malina, Teodora Rotaru, Thomas Steyaert.
Jon Dean (b. Wolverhampton) has been working for over thirty years in the intersecting fields of visual/community arts and applied social sciences; the artist initiates and develops diverse cultural projects by integrating differentiated and negotiated participatory strategies built to place participants at the very heart of artistic expression, learning and cultural policy. Throughout his career, Jon has worked within a wide range of socio-cultural contexts, including: formal education institutions, museums, art galleries, as well as generic community venues. Recent exhibitions/projections include: Loop Barcelona; Elvira Popescu Cinema, Bucharest; Young Artists Studio, Budapest; University of Johannesburg; Goldsmiths University, London;, Bucharest; Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest; Centrala Gallery, Birmingham; Art on Display, Bucharest; Arcub, Bucharest; Black and White Biennial, Satu Mare; Columbia University, New York; Ferenc Bar, Budapest.
Anca Rujoiu (b. Bucharest) is a curator and editor In 2019 she co-curated the third edition of the Art Encounters Biennial in Timișoara, approached as a year-long institutional program. As curator of exhibitions and later head of publications (2013-18), she was a member of the founding team of the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, contributing to the institution’s many exhibitions, public programmes and publishing projects. The initial three-year programme, Place.Labour. Capital, created connections between research, residencies and exhibitions with artists Simryn Gill, Allan Sekula, Trinh T. Minh-ha, to name a few. He has co-edited several publications, including the artist books Thao Nguyen Phan: Voyages de Rhodes (2018), Simryn Gill & Michael Taussig: Becoming Palm (2017). As part of the FormContent curatorial initiative in London, he worked on a nomadic project, It’s Moving from I to It (2012-2014), which took the form of a script composed of seventeen ‘scenes’: exhibitions, workshops, commissioned texts and the like. She is a PhD candidate at Monash University in Melbourne.
Cover image: Irina Botea Bucan and Jon Dean, “Studio of Radio Theatre, Radio Romania”, part of the exhibition Signal: transmitted invisibility, Anca Poterașu Gallery, 2016
Producer: WASP Studios // Co-producer: 4 Culture Association
Project co-financed by the Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB within the Affective Bucharest Program 2022. For detailed information about the financing program of the Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB, you can access .
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Project co-funded by the European Union – Creative Europe Programme, in the framework of Life Long Burning – Towards A Sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe
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