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Super:Serios ‘far to close’ at WASP Working Art Space and Production 17.09 // 18:00

Super:Serios ‘far to close’ at WASP Working Art Space and Production 17.09 // 18:00

17.09.2020 // 18:00 – 21:30 WASP Working Art Space and Production Registration form: You go outside, grab a pretzel, or meet a friend, you find a black cat or it starts raining, grab a drink at a local bar, or… Living in a city usually brings along a set of day to day decisions that can


Performance Situation Room – the space where new media technologies meet performing arts

4Culture Association launched on a new performative digitalized installation, realized in the frame of Performance Situation Room, a cultural project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, through Acces Online Programme and supported by the european network and project Life Long Burning, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Performance Situation Room

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Zoom In/Out. Immaterial performance

Zoom In/Out. Immaterial performance Ongoing project The cultural project Zoom In/Out. Immaterial performance, organized by 4Culture in partnership with the Romanian Order of Architects (Bucharest branch), the National Heritage Institute, the European network Life Long Burning and 2020 Bucharest Architecture Annual, invites contemporary artists to take part to a visual research on living and on the effects that the absence of


Art and Landscape Narratives – open call for artistic projects

4Culture Association is pleased to announce the launching of a new open call for artistic projects within the Art and Landscape Narratives multi-annual programme, in order to develop and present a new creation on eco-media performing arts installation, curated by Marilena Preda Sânc. The open call is dedicated to transdisciplinary artists actively working in contemporary

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LLB 2020 Residency: Augmented Space Agency: Transsystemic Signals

Transsystemic Signals tracks aspects of the natural environment and human nature through their transmediated interconnection through the electromagnetic signals emitted by the city spontaneous vegetation and spread to the broad territory of the digital medium. Transsystemic Signals is an interactive AR art installation that involves documenting spontaneous vegetation found in the city’s architectural ruins, through


Hardrive – Deep inside, a new project with Judith State

HARDRIVE – DEEP INSIDE Ongoing project  4Culture Association announces the launching of the new project Hardrive – Deep Inside, which will include a new collaboration with Judith State, nominated by 4Culture, as a Creative Crossroads artist, within the European network Life Long Burning - Towards A Sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe. Judith will benefit from the support of

Practising solo collective 01

Practising solo collective / 2020

Project in progress (July – October 2020) WASP Working Art Space and Production Finding its inspiration in references – iconic images and films from art history, dance history and contemporary performance, „Practising solo collective” develops poems into images, it questions the relation with time, different levels of reality and image. Through a cinematographic deconstruction, the