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Photo credits: Joeri Thiry

UNISON | Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (AR/BE)

30 & 31.10.2015 | 8:30 PM | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION Duration: 55 min Concept & direction: Cecilia Lisa Eliceche Practical & conceptual mentorship: Manon Santkin Alternately performed by: Eveline Van Bauwel, Gilles Polet, Michael Helland, Tarek Halaby, Manon Santkin, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche Music: Christophe Albertijn Technical creation: Johanes Vochten Research &


SYMPOSIUM | Elisabeth B. Tambwe (AT)

24 & 25.10.2015 | 7:30 PM | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION Duration: 75’ The performance will be followed by an artist talk Concept / Choreography: Elisabeth B. Tambwe Performance / Dance: Elisabeth B. Tambwe, Adriana Cubides, Radek Hewelt Dramaturgy: Johannes Mailes Theoretical Consulting: Baria Mourad Scenography: Elisabeth B. Tambwe, Grégory Crapet Object


ALL US STARS | Solveig Thoroddsen (IS)

26.09.2015  | 7:30 PM | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION Duration: 50’, followed by a artist talk Solveig Thoroddsen creates a dialogue with the general public starting from offering them homemade cookies and asking them about their personal favourite word which she writes with sugar glaze on the cookie. Giving a sweet and


Body_less / Etienne and the Mini Doppler

interactive medical installation, 2015 by Emil Ivanescu_TACTIC, collaborator Cote Étienne-Jules Marey - middle of the XIXth century – one of the first who wrote the sanguine pulse into a cryptic language using a wooden primitive device – the body becomes a limit and the limit becomes a graphic concatenation of signs. Body_less - the beginning of the XXIst century

No Apples for One Month

No Apples for One Month

interactive installation, 2015 by Larisa David, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Livia Rădulescu, Iulia Sima (RO) No Apples for One Month opens a space for exploration of hidden paths and histories. Visitors are invited to activate the space by accessing fragments of time and stories. Inside the installation, movement is guided through a selection of personal narratives, reflecting on