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Body_less / Etienne and the Mini Doppler

interactive medical installation, 2015 by Emil Ivanescu_TACTIC, collaborator Cote Étienne-Jules Marey - middle of the XIXth century – one of the first who wrote the sanguine pulse into a cryptic language using a wooden primitive device – the body becomes a limit and the limit becomes a graphic concatenation of signs. Body_less - the beginning of the XXIst century

No Apples for One Month

No Apples for One Month

interactive installation, 2015 by Larisa David, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Livia Rădulescu, Iulia Sima (RO) No Apples for One Month opens a space for exploration of hidden paths and histories. Visitors are invited to activate the space by accessing fragments of time and stories. Inside the installation, movement is guided through a selection of personal narratives, reflecting on

Harry Sanderson - image credit CGI light simulation, harry sanderson 2015 photo credit harry sanderson

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  milled acrylic, video installation, 2015 by Harry Sanderson (UK/DE)   The installation is comprised of three individual caustic works made of milled acrylic, which are exhibited together for the first time. Caustics are most commonly seen in everyday scenarios, for example, when light is refracted through a glass of water. The direction that light

Abel Korinsky

Body Scans

interactive installation, 2015 by Abel, Carlo and Max Korinsky (DE) The audio-visual installation consists of four interacting bar-code scanners. They respond to the movement of the people inside the exhibition space through the specific ‘beep’ sounds and flashing scan lights. The bar-code scanners moved by motors scan their surrounding constantly. The installation is inspired by

Matei Bejenaru_performance_03

Matei Bejenaru / Lecture / Songs For A Better Future

Tuesday, September 8th, 7 PM Since 2015 Matei Bejenaru has been developing the project “Songs for a better future”. These experimental choral performances are produced in various cultural and political contexts, a result of the collaboration of Matei, a musician and a choir. The project examines our vision upon the future from a humanistic perspective,


Cătălin Crețu / Workshop / The Prolongement of the Body through Technologically Mediated Gesture

Thursday, September 10th, 7 PM Cătălin Crețu’s workshop will explore and explain the possibilities of transforming body movements and gestures into sound and image through the intermediation of technology.  Starting from his own art-works, interactive control techniques of audio-visual processes will be presented in real-time. The audience is invited to actively participate, to get in