Body and Animation, Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez (DE/ES)

premiere / live-cinema performance with kids 11+ / 45’
19.10.2014 / 19:00 / WASP
Trainers: Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez
Photography: Andrés Beladiez

A first approach to necessary digital, analogue and corporal techniques and technologies nowadays, this workshop introduces young students to the creative universe of scenic live stop-motion creation, filming objects, and their own bodies. Live animation is done in real time. Using objects, live drawing and body movement, we move away from the exclusive use of computers and stimulate the creativity of each participant. We will talk about live video and what it is. We will talk about and experience processes, concepts and techniques to create a live performance from the first idea to the final realisation.

Karla Kracht works as a video, illustration and animation artist. She collaborates with musicians, architects, dance companies, other video artists, programmers, and sometimes design & advertising agencies. Her video installations & performances have been exhibited in various places across Europe, South America and Asia.

Having graduated in stage direction and dramaturgy, Andrés Beladiez incorporates the use of technology as a tool for the scenic narration in his plays. He complements his artistic work with cultural management, artistic advice for festivals, companies and programming structures.

A piece realised in the frame of Performance Situation Room, a Life Long Burning activity, project funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.