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GROWASP | Feldenkrais Technique | Valentina de Piante

GROWASP | Feldenkrais Technique | Valentina de Piante

WASP — Working Art Space and Production hosts a new Feldenkrais Technique workshop held by the choreographer and dancer Valentina De Piante. SCHEDULE: December 8th and 15th, two groups 18:00 – 19:30  and 19:30 – 21:00 Registration: Fee: 200 lei / 100 lei for students The number of participants is limited. My meeting with

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Laboratorul de creație | Coaching Project | Martin Sonderkamp & German Jauregui

Laboratorul de creație is a free coaching programme organized within the the GROWASP project, which will be held by Martin Sonderkamp & German Jauregui, as invited by artistic director of 4Culture Association and curator of eXplore festival, Andreea Căpitănescu. Number of participants: 6 Registration can be made by sending your resume and a personal statement,

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Asociatia 4Culture and WEE/Francesco Scavetta will co-produce in the frame of „Foreign bodies” project a contemporary dance performance including artists from Romania and Norway, lead by the choreographer Francesco Scavetta. Titled „Migratory”, the production will be inspired by the book “Invisible cities” of Italo Calvino, with ground theme of the periphery as a metaphor of

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BODY OF WORK | Performance & Artist-talk | Elana Katz (DE)

A solo performance that deals with social perception of paradoxical practices of hurting and healing on the body, as well as contemplates the value of physical pain in the medium of performance art. Katz’s corresponding artist talk focuses on works oriented toward the topics of violence, trauma, historical/ emotional landscape, and the body. Saturday, 24th