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WASP – Working Art Space and Production continues the series of actions which has as a purpose the professional development of those active in the field of performing arts. Starting from this year, the Professional Training Program initiated by WASP in 2013 becomes GROWASP – Ground for Research and Orientation. The program includes workshops, special

Atelier Dance Film

Dance Film Workshop, Simona Deaconescu

This workshop is the first from a series of interdisciplinary workshops called I.D.M.P.A (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts ). The workshop proposes the exploration of theoretical and practical knowledge of experimental dance film, a genre which is known as cine-dance, video dance, dance for the camera, screendance. During this workshop we will learn

D.I.M.A.P - Simona Deaconescu

I.D.M.P.A, Simona Deaconescu

I.D.M.P.A or “Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts “ implies a series of progressive workshops having as target the assimilation of composition techniques in interdisciplinary art, bringing forward the dance, the movie, the performance and the installation. The students will accumulate knowledge about the rapport between movement and video aesthetics through practical exercises and