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The purpose of Klein Technique™ is education, not on the superficial level of mimicking form, but on a profoundly deep level of understanding the full use of the body as an integral whole to maximize full function of each individual’s unique movement potential.

Klein Technique™ is Susan Klein’s personal struggle and education, both physically and intellectual, as a result of a serious knee injury developed as a dancer at 19.

„Klein Technique™ is a process through which the body is analyzed and understood to improve and to further movement potential. It is intellectual in that it uses anatomical realities. It is corporeal in that we strive for an internal knowing, an understanding which is integrated into the body. It is a movement education and re-education, that can be an underpinning for all movement styles, improvisations, athletics, and for the general health of the body in everyday movement. It is a technique that honors the individual. Klein Technique™ works at the level of the bones, to align the bones using the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the external rotators, and the pelvic floor. We don’t work to exercise these muscles but rather to wake them up, to become conscious of their role in the support and movement of the body. We work for the body to become elastic, responsive, and open to choices and expression. Although Klein Technique™ was developed by a dancer for dancers, it is a technique that works for everybody, from the virtuosic dancer to the non-dancer. When the bones are aligned we become connected, we become powerful and we become strong. The body becomes efficient and alive, and injuries often heal.” ©2007 Susan T. Klein

Klein Technique™ has been taught for more than thirty years in numerous countries. Among the hundreds of Klein Technique™ students are the most well-known members of the dance community including Trisha Brown, Stephen Petronio, Bebe Miller, Wally Cardona, Jeremy Nelson, Sasha Waltz and members of their companies. Those who have followed the precepts of Klein Technique™ have gained a confidence and completeness that serves to underpin their work whether as a dancer, an athlete, or as a non-dancer interested in improving their everyday function and health.

*the above text is selected from the official sites of Klein Technique™ and Hanna Hegenscheidt.

Hanna Hegenscheidt | BIO

Hanna Hegenscheidt is a choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin. She studied dance, Klein Technique™ (with Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler) and Laban-Movement-Analysis (CMA) in Hamburg and New York. She teaches Klein Technique™, dance and choreography (Susan Klein School of Dance, N.Y., HZT Berlin, HfM Cologne, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Meg Stuart, Studio LaborGras, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, Dance theater of Ljubljana/Slovenia, and Toronto Dance Theater, among others). In April 2011 she opened the studio 142 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where she offers open classes on a regular basis. Currently she is enrolled in the Master program for Choreography at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool foor de Kunsten.

As a performer she has worked with Gina Gibney Dance, Robert Wilson, Lise Brenner, Michael Simon, Gitta Barthel, Reinhild Hoffmann, Michaela Fünfhausen, David Weber-Krebs, Achim Freyer, Martin Clausen/Two Fish among others. 2008/09/10 she was choreographic assistant to Achim Freyer in Wagner´s Ring Cycle at Los Angeles Opera.

In 2004 Hanna Hegenscheidt began to create her own work in collaboration with dancers and actors from New York and Berlin. She has been presented at the Sophiensaele, Radialsystem, Uferstudios, Tanztage Berlin, Yorkshire Dance Festival, fabrik potsdam, Kampnagel Hamburg, Schwankhalle Bremen, Frankfurt Book Fair, Freshtracks DTW/N.Y., West End Theater/N.Y., Villa Warschau and others. In 2012 she directed Shock-Headed Peter at the MOKS-Theater Bremen. Hanna Hegenscheidt´s work with children and young adults involves projects with immigrant teenagers for the City Theater Münster and the Cactus Theater Münster and with the TanzZeit-Youth-Company Evoke. She is also part of TanzZeit-Time for Dance in Schools, where she co-founded the Kindercompany Radialsystem together with Livia Patrizi and Sasha Waltz and co-directed the TanzZeit-Nucleo Kücüc Kids Company2011/2012.

More information about Hanna Hegenscheidt : http://www.hannahegenscheidt.de