Przemyslaw Sanecki | The Storm That Shelters the Carnival


“The Storm That Shelters the Carnival” is a software installation, which brings viewers closer to volatile and unpredictable financial phenomenon. The work consists of bespoke software, which is entirely driven by a real time market data. Visual data-structures and clouds of sound grains deliver the final aesthetic experience.
Pure-data, which is a tool known in the field of computer music and sound art, is deliberately used in a way that blurs a distinction between trading instruments and those belonging to a radical music. The software implements many financial indicators well known from exchange markets. Therefore, one can use The Storm That Shelters the Carnival as a genuine assistance during undertaking financial speculations.
Apart from offering phenomenological insights into a chaotic nature of the economic abstraction, the installation invites the audience to question cultural and socio-economic potentiality that emerges at the meeting of fine arts, open-source movement and finance. Projects like The DAO try to answer craving for alternative ways of social stratosphere based on info-technologies. It keeps open whether artists will take part in these efforts or remain entrenched inside old regimes.

Przemyslaw Sanecki is a multidisciplinary code artist in the domains of vision, sound and performance. His techne calls for the forces of prediction, high-frequency finance, autonomous machines, tangible software, data ecstatics and computational art. The recent work clashes the contemporary regime of prediction with an old-school political dominion, and open sound-art software (Pd) with stock-trading instruments. Holds a doctoral degree in Fine Arts (University of Arts in Poznan, PL), currently based in Edinburgh (UK).