Curatorial Concept – X Platform 2015


Corporeality and limitation – curatorial concept developed by Olivia Nițiș and Ciprian Ciuclea (Experimental Project)

„Bodies don’t take place in discourse or in matter. They don’t inhabit ‘mind’ or ‘body’. They take place at the limit, qua limit.”

Jean-Luc Nancy

 Corporeality is a cultural subject widely approached in the theoretical and practical fields of knowledge. The development of the critics in the discourse about the body generated by postmodernism put the body in an instable, transgressive (trans-corporeality), unable to be fixed position, although the materiality of the body remains a concrete territory, too less deconstructed in the presence of a critic brought to the instrumental(ised) political body. Deleuze and Guattari brought into discussion the abstract body, „the body without organs” which repositions corporeality in account with its limits. Recent researches in the field of new technologies, concerning body and cyber-space, consider corporeality rather a blockage in front of reaching post-corporeality in informatics and immaterial terms. (Vicki Kirby)

„As individual terms, body and technology will need a relational approach. It becomes more and more difficult to speak about bodies and technology as separate entities – and so it becomes as well difficult to dissociate technological theories from those of our corporeality.”

Eugene Thacker

This edition of the X Platform encourages the analysis of the body as a limit. The project tries to answer to questions related to the limits of the body in technology, the thought-out body, the abstract body or the decorporealization and its avatars in digital technology and virtual reality, anti-corporeality, the creation and representation of control limits of the body, the receptor body vs the generator body, the absent body, the individual and the collective body, the experience of the body in tangible or intangible visible and tangible invisible, the metaphysical dislocation (Eugene Thacker).

We aim a challenge of the body/mind Cartesian dualism, of the idea of corporeality and decorporealization (disembodiment or out of body experience), discussing the relation between body, perception and space as a permeable, undefined and instable medium. The recent theories about corporeality have given back the body the statute of active entity in the production of knowledge, but our capacities and the limits of our bodies determine and are determined by our instruments of perception. Control, self-control, censorship and self-censorship. Our perceptive experiences become possible just through a corporeality which is limited by individual and/or subjective dates which offer the base of that type of experience. Technology comes as augmentation, as an instrument of corporeality or corporeality is instrumentalised by its own technology?

We are searching for works in the field of interactive installations which put into question the relationship between body and limit, video installation, sound and concept environment, in which the body can produce another type of experience and also in which the body can be embedded in another kind of disruptive reality/experience. Included are also the performing arts.

X Platform 2015 has Matei BejenaruCătălin Crețu and Cosmin Haias as guest speakers.

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X Platform is a cultural program in co-production between 4Culture, WASP — Working Art Space & Production, Tangaj Dance and Life Long Burning, with the support of the Culture 2007 — 2013 programme. A cultural project financed by: AFCN – The National Cultural Fund Administration and The Ministry of Culture.