Habemus Bebe, Robert Bălan & Elena Vlădăreanu (RO)

19.10.2014 / 20:00 / WASP
theatre / 18+

Concept: Robert Bălan, Elena Vlădăreanu (text)
Performers: Dana Voicu, Carmen Florescu, Lala Mișosniky
Guest star: Eva Bălan
Voci: Maria Balabaș, Elena Vlădăreanu, Mădălina Duțescu, Sanda Watt
Posters, stencil: Andrei Gamarț
Production: Matei Martin, a. urmanov, Oana Cătălina Ninu, Irina Costache, Dorina Kolkhuis Tanke, Cinty Ionescu, Ana Glavce, Odilia Roșianu, Ruxandra Ghițescu, Cristian Bălan, Andreea Manolescu, Daria Ghiu, Carmen Radu, Diana Popescu, Florentina Bratfanof, Dorin Vlădăreanu, Ana Maria Tăut, Andreea Dobrin, Gabriele Palma, Magda Cârneci, Anca Fronescu, Georgian Lugojan, Eugenia Dobrescu, Kinga Boroș, Colivia, Mihail Sandu, Ana Bălan, Farid Fairuz, Anca Rozor, Alina Purcaru, Ștefania Ferchedău, Raluca Ana Maria Pop, Ana Maria Stroe, Mihaela Dancs, Irina Botea, Mădălina Dan, Raluca David, Ruxandra Cesereanu, Cosmin Manolescu, Jean – Lorin Sterian, Raluca Voinea, Ada Solomon, Dan Birla, Mara Dragomir, Sergiu Nicolae Brega, Cezar Nicolescu
Supported by: WASP – Working Art Space and Production, an ART NO MORE project . Partially funded  through the crowdfunding platform we-are-here.ro.

“It’s the most personal and in the same time, the most political text I have ever written. This happens because motherhood, apart from all the known things or not so known, but the ones that I was expecting, have put me in the situation of confronting the limits of my body and of my artistic status (or socially, to not sound too demanding). So what can I add after “elena vlădăreanu”? Mother? Is that sufficient for me? Would I like more? Can I afford more? Is it fair for the child if I use my time and for something else, that doesn’t fit the schema breastfeeding-play-activities? How do I reconcile with the fact that the office and the laptop and the books were rapidly replaced by the kitchen table, stove and pots? It’s about confusion and time, about body and identity, about nutrition, healthy food, anguish.” (Elena Vlădăreanu)

Elena Vlădăreanu was born in 1981 in Medgidia. She graduated from the Humanities section (Romanian-French) of the University of Bucharest and finished the interdisciplinary Masters Spectacle, Multimedia, Society at the University of Bucharest with a research about the performativity of the contemporary poetry. Together with Robert Bălan she wrote the script for the radio theatrical play “Straight from Feliningrad” (premiered in 2011) and the children’s text Bâzdâc (premiered in March 2014). She is currently working as a journalist for Radio Romania Cultural. In 2008 she received an European grant to make a documentary about the nowaday Bulgarian culture.

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