Motchok / Dymitry Szypura | work-in-progress presentation and free class


Dymitry Szypura spent his last week at  WASP – Working Art Space and Production, working on his first piece “Stein Mantel”, which is going to be presented Sunday, August 23, from 19h, as a work-in-progress. Dymitry is also going to share his dancing technique with romanian dancers and choreographers on Monday, 24 August, in a 2h free class that offers a snapshot to his personal practice and style. The residence was offered as a Wild Card in an exchange between 4Culture Association and Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus,  in the frame of the european dance  network Life Long Burning.

Stein Mantel by Motchok / Dimitry Szypura

/ work-in-progress presentation  / Sunday, August 23 /  19:00 / the inner out and the outer in /

“Stein Mantel” is a performance with a walking motor suite which reflects the absurdity, violence and practicality of protection. Presenting a human who tries to survive in a helpless way, the piece is a journey of images, destruction and artificiality. The suite shows us things which are technically not possible without it, but it gradually goes to a point where humanity, sensibility and weakness are very present. It is about a human who is born into a space without his wish, a human which has a constant urge to get connected to the surroundings and who sees himself bounded to improvise a life. The performance will be loaded with acrobatics and object manipulation. Spectacular and rough action gets replaced by humbleness, softness and vulnerability. A dramatic, heavy and serious written base is there only to get blown away and replaced with a human contradiction of a little kid, laughing about a dramatic accident, out of innocence and joy of seeing an attraction. What is when a film is a choreography, an actor an acrobat and a hand crafter a dancer?

*The access to the presentation is free and it will be followed by a feedback session.

Dimitry Szypura / free class / Monday, August 24 / 19:00 – 21:00

Dymitry Szypura proposes to the romanian dancers 2 hours of intensive physical training, challenging them to use the body as an intelligent and powerful machine. Combining technical exercises and movement phrases with different qualities of being in the body, the class will offer tools for a smart, efficient and spectacular use of the body in space. Dymitry will share his favourite techniques and exercises for crossing the space, strengthening the body, falling and jumping, working with the contrasts of tension and relaxation, using the floor for release and reinforcement.

*The access to the class is free, in the limit of availability. Registration is recommended at:

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