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WASP – Working Art Space and Production continues the series of special screenings of the most appreciated dance films in the world, co-presented by dance film festivals from Europe and USA. The screenings are part of I.D.M.P.A. (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts), in the frame of GROWASP – Ground for Research an Education, a program organized by 4culture and WASP-Working Art Space and Production with the purpose of providing new perspectives for the young artists with or without professional studies and the desire to integrate them in the international context of contemporary art development by offering training sessions in fields which are not available in the institutionalized educational system. I.D.M.P.A. is coordinated by choreographer and artistic director Simona Deaconescu.

Sunday April 26, 7 pm, takes place the third dance film screening from the series, co-presented by POOL 14 – INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN.

LONGING TO FLY / LONGING TO FALL | Erika Janunger | Sweden, 2014 | 00:14:00

Two people inhabiting a world where hidden powers effects movements and events in unexpected ways. A collaboration art piece, mixing dance, film, design and music. The furniture was designed especially for this film by Färg & Blanche.

YOUNG ANGRY MEN | John Wannehag | United Kingdom , 2014 | 00:06:22


When we are lost we seek to find the truth, we turn to science, we turn to god and we turn to places that shares our loneliness. When I was younger I was angry and lost. I was a young angry man living without purpose.

DUET | Jacqueline Kooter | Netherands, 2013 | 00:02:33

Willful love…game or struggle?

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? | Alessandro Inglima | South Korea, UK, Italy, 2014 | 00:11:25

where do you want to go

“Where Do You Want To Go?” explores the feelings of people in their environment. The four dancers have different ways to observe and understand the city (Seoul). The camera delivers their point of view to the audience. This project originates from site-specific choreographies and street improvisation performances in Seoul.

REPLACED VISION | Harumi Terayama | Sweden, 2013 | 00:07:24


What is sight? Can body take over the function of the sight and vision? Inspired by an episode from Radiolab, two dancers explore sight through their skin, thoughts and sensations.

THE THING WITH FEATHERS | Rain Kencana, Jalaludin Trautmann, Miguel Angelo Pate | Germany 2014, 00:04:00

the lucky ones never die the lucky ones
learn to fly
silenceis sound
and bubbles that burst on the surface of silence we were fortune tigers
in the veins of lucky land
golden tigers’
track riders
dancers of dawn
and lucky charm

we spin this world
fortune tigers never leave tracks so they won’t hurt each other my intend is sand

sand of our past

sand of our future
just you
you make the difference made from secret texture rising high and higher
woven into winds
hope is the thing with feathers

the lucky ones
the lucky ones learn to fly
here you are again bird of birds

such of touch
hope is the thing with feathers

SMOKE-CLAD WARRIOR | Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, Adrian Künzel |Germany, 2014 | 00:02:53


“Choose Your Battles. Fight The Fight.”
The journey of a warrior. A short Fashionfilm for the A/W 2014 collection “Smoke-clad Warrior” by Mads Dinesen. Throughout the history of humanity and everywhere on earth, individuals, movements, and groups of people have expressed their ideals and principles by means of protests, marches and demonstrations. Recently, we have witnessed the Arab Spring and the resistance against the oppression of LGBT individuals and organizations in Russia. Clashes occur between governments and people, between different interest groups, or between an individual and a society. The energy that is released in clashes like these serves as the main inspiration for the AW2014 collection “Smoke-Clad Warrior” by MADS DINESEN. How are protest, resistance and ideals expressed through clothing, not only from the point of view of the individual, but also from a societal and cultural point of view? Do we conform our style based on a certain way of living or on a sense of idealism? Or do we express ourselves through slogans on T-shirts and badges? The collection is a tribute to all historical and contemporary pioneers who are risking their honour, freedom and occasionally also their life in order to change the world for the better. Changes, that we as a society now may perceive as being natural or normal, often only occurred after long and heroic fights. To fight for political and societal change, we must go on an introspective journey to be convinced of the idealistic fight ahead. Only by accurately determining our own beliefs, it becomes possible to conquer any injustices we face. But where does an individual encounter his own limits? This emotional, almost spiritual, way to construct a worldview is comparable to an inner journey where each and every one of us becomes our own spiritual leader. We transform into shamans, priests, or holy men, who through knowledge and experience attempt to shape the world to our personal ideals; that is the main theme of this ethnically mystical, yet youthfully provocative collection.

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GLOVE STORY | Oren Shkedy | Israel, 2013 | 00:38:10

Glove Story explores the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it. It asks the question: what are the psychological, physical and social repercussions of treating borders as mere suggestions? This question echoes much stronger in the local political climate of our region and of our times. The film follows four characters through a series of hyper-realistic topographies and architectural settings in which, like in Sartre’s “No Exit”, individuals are one another’s heaven or hell.

Curator: Sarah Möller.

Attendance is free of charge. The participants from The GROWASP program have priority.

The event is part of the professional training program in the field of performative arts – GROWASP and it is organized by 4Culture Association and WASP – Working Art Space and Production in the frame of Performance Situation Room, a Life Long Burning Activity. With the support of Culture Programme of the European Union.

This screening is co-presented by POOL with the support of DOCK 11. It is strictly forbidden to record or photograph any of the films from the schedule.

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