Real Time Composition | workshop with João Fiadeiro



From Monday, September, 28th – Friday, October, 2nd | 6 PM – 10 PM

Lecture: Friday, October, 2nd, 7:30 PM


send your resume to, filling in ”GROWASP with João Fiadeiro” at the subject

Deadline: September, 25th

The selected participants will be announced, via e-mail, on the 26th of October.

Participation Fee: 200 lei / 150 lei (for students).

Real Time Composition | About

To formulate accurately and sufficiently the question that concerns us – instead of being trap in the loop of reflex and ready-made answers – is the main work to be developed and attuned during this workshop. Real Time Composition gives practitioners a set of tools so they can maintain the meta-stability of a condition by sustaining the equidistance between disquiet and situation, so as to discover, amidst so much noise, excess, and waste, what affects, touches and moves us.

This workshop will focus on the acquisition of a set of tools, which can both be used in improvisation training and practices, and be applied in dramaturgical creation within performative projects. The exercises will range from the scale model developed to simulate the operating mode of RTC in a “board game” format, to a body-scale where the operating mode and its underlying ethics will be tested in situation, developing the ability to anticipate and embrace change, while attuning the clarity and accuracy in the application of this tool.

What criteria and parameters shall we choose to take a decision or another? How to share them in a group, not letting the conversation turn into a field of competition or resignation? Real Time Composition has emerged to embody these kinds of concerns, which arise whenever we have to take decisions and make choices, both in the process of artistic creation and in improvisation moments.

From the perspective of Real Time Composition, a creative gesture cannot come from an intention or a personal projection. It has to be the consequence of an encounter. An encounter with a time, a space, a thing, an-other, an affect… The force of the encounter, its relevance, lies in its capacity to suspend our trajectory – even if only for a few milliseconds – generating doubt and wonder. This suspension is the gap that Real Time Composition needs to intervene and activate our capacity to look at ourselves from the outside as the very event unfolds. From a distance, we are able to notice details and relations that would have gone unnoticed if we had remained “trapped” inside our opinions and certainties. Real Time Composition gives us the tools that allow us to keep that time open and, by delaying the answer, discover new ways to “happen”.

João Fiadeiro | BIO

Choreographer, performer, researcher and teacher, João Fiadeiro (1965) belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged towards the end of the 1980s and, following the American post-modern movement as well as the French and Belgian Nouvelle Danse movements, gave rise to the Nova Dança Portuguesa [New Portuguese Dance]. A large part of his education and training was carried out between Lisbon, New York and Berlin. He then joined the Companhia de Dança de Lisboa [Lisbon Dance Company] (1986-88) and the Gulbenkian Ballet (1989-90). In 1990 he founded the RE.AL Company that supported the creation and diffusion of his own shows, regularly presented all over Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and South America, and also represented and coached emerging artists, as well as transdisciplinary artists during the LAB/Projectos em movimento [LAB/Moving Projects]. Between 1995 and 2003 he collaborated with Artistas Unidos, a Lisbon based Theater Company, where he was responsible for the movement of the actors. For this company he staged plays by Samuel Beckett, Sarah Kane and Jon Fosse. Between 2008 and 2014 he suspended his activity as a choreographer and author, turning his focus to projects where the process – as opposed to the product – becomes the central object. It was during this period that he co-directed with anthropologist Fernanda Eugenio, the center AND_Lab in Lisbon, a research laboratory around sustainable coexistence, working on the relation between ethics, aesthetics and politics. The Real Time Composition method, that was first designed to support the writing and the dramaturgical composition of his works, has in the meanwhile become a theoretical-practical tool and platform to understand and rethink decision, representation and cooperation, both in art and in life. This research develops in cooperation with many other disciplines, such as economy, neurobiology and complex systems sciences, and it has lead João Fiadeiro to coordinate workshops in Masters and PhDs in several national and international schools and universities.