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Ashtanga Yoga for Art Practitioners, Irene Zaarour

Ashtanga Yoga for Art Practitioners, Irene Zaarour

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic style of hatha yoga which uses a constant flow of movement and a specific type of breathing for going from one pose to another. Along with “Bandha” (the energetic part), Ashtanga concentrates the attention in one point, helping us to focalize on our interior state, in such a way that

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2014 Professional Training Program

WASP — Working Art Space & Production continues the Professional Training Program started in 2013, with a wide range of workshops led by Romanian and foreign professionals. The program includes workshops, special guests, regular presentations and feedback sessions presented in a special format that aims to encourage the use of new, alternative, research and professional

Fotografie din spectacolul  „Ghost", în coregrafia Colette Sadler. Spectacol realizat în urma unui atelier pentru copii găzduit în cadrul secțiunii Stage & Playground - eXplore dance festival #9, 2014.

We Move The World — Contemporary Dance Workshop For Kids, Alexandra Bălășoiu

Movement is the most accessible component to an individual. The way we walk, sit or watch contain, in themselves, an infinity of information regarding our past, our present and our potentials. By incorporating intelligent motor schemes we release negative tensions, emotions and thoughts. In a world that bombs us with ready-made ideas and images, our


SOFT INSIDEOUT Workshop, Valentina de Piante

Movement workshop following the Feldenkrais method My meeting with the Feldenkrais method has profoundly affected the way I dance, create and teach. In 2013 I started specializing at the Istituto per la Formazione Feldenkrais in Milan, founded by Mara Della Pergola, a direct student of Moshe Feldenkrais, and for many years I have been researching


Tell Your Own Story! Workshop, Simona Deaconescu

#dance #reality #picture #freedom The purpose of a magician is to amaze his audience through tricks that create an illusion of the impossible. We know that magic is a mechanism, however, we love to be surprised. The same thing happens to dance nowadays: the stage becomes a picture in perpetual motion, bodies are augmented and


Contemporary Dance Fusion Workshop, Judith State

This workshop is addressed to all those passionate about exploring contemporary dance and its adjacent forms. “While working at WASP throughout the past year with people who had started their meeting with dance from point zero, and observing in them a remarkable capacity of adaptation and evolution, I decided to continue this series of workshops