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Interview with Dymitry Szypura

I met Dymitry in the WASP cafeteria in an early evening, only the second day of rehearsals for his new show “Steinmantel” in Bucharest, a Wild Card residency offered by 4Culture Association and Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus,  in the framework of the European Dance  Network Life Long Burning. We took the chance to have a chat

Interview with Ludger Orlok – Contemporary since 35 years: Tanzfabrik Berlin then and now

In the heart of Berlin one will find the Tanzfabrik, center for contemporary dance. Since 35 years it offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic and theoretic research, advanced workout, further education, workshops and regular classes. It is also well known within the international dance scene as a production platform for contemporary dance in all of