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Interview with Ludger Orlok – Contemporary since 35 years: Tanzfabrik Berlin then and now

In the heart of Berlin one will find the Tanzfabrik, center for contemporary dance. Since 35 years it offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic and theoretic research, advanced workout, further education, workshops and regular classes. It is also well known within the international dance scene as a production platform for contemporary dance in all of

2013_03_09_cinedans Slotfeest_38

Interview with Janine Dijkmeijer, Cinedans co-founder and artistic director

Janine Dijkmeijer is co-founder and general manager Cinedans and business manager for the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam Andreea Căpitănescu: This year, Cinedans Festival celebrates 10 years of existence. Who was “behind” this initiative looking back 10 years ago? I know you’ve shared some inside stories with the audience during the ceremonies organized this year within Cinedans… Janine

I not I

Interview with Colette Sadler, choreographer

Colette Sadler is participating in the #8 edition of eXplore dance festival with I not I and We are the monsters (performance and workshop) Andreea Căpitănescu: You are based in Berlin, but your background in dance education comes from UK. When it comes to aesthetics or trends in contemporary dance, there’s always been discussions about how different the two dance

Studio Slodownia

Interview with Joanna Lesnierowska

Joanna Lesnierowska is a Dance Curator and Project Coordinator at Stary Browar Art Centre, Poznań Andreea Căpitănescu: How does daily consumerism meet contemporary dance and art in a former industrial space, in Poznań? Shopping mall and contemporary art in a former industrial space. From a Western perspective (the border with Germany has its inevitable influence…) it