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Hematopoesis, Mădălina Dan

Hematopoesis, Mădălina Dan

MĂDĂLINA DAN (RO) 13.10.2013 / 12:00 – 20:00 / WASP Foto: Mihai Bodea, Mary Wycherley, Alessio Cavallucci Framework I propose a movement marathon, an endurance tour, a frame in which I will try to move for 8 hours. All in a performative installation format, in which the audience can be interactive from time to time.

The victory day pic 4

Victory Day, Willy Prager

WILLY PRAGER (BG) 13.10.2013 / 20:00 / WASP Concept and creation: Willy Prager In collaboration with: Iva Sveshtarova With: Iva Sveshtarova , Jee-Ae Lim, Willy Prager Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi Dramaturgical advisor: Angelina Georgieva Advisor: Galina Borissova Produced by: Tanztage-Berlin, HZT-Berlin,Tanztage-Berlin, Goethe-Institut Bulgariа The Victory Day takes up the “revolution” as a subject of exploration to

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Keep It Real, Sergiu Matiș

SERGIU MATIS (RO/DE) 30.10.2013 | 21:00 | WASP black box With: Maria Walser, Corey Scott-Gilbert, Sergiu Matiș Dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic Produced by: HZT/UDK Berlin, MA SoDA & Uferstudios Berlin. “Keep it real” is danced by cyborgs, zombies, alienated and animated bodies. These queer bodies are brought into the field of visible, exposing perverted dynamics of the

Alice Pons & Jean-Lorin Sterian-1

Strip-tease, Alice Pons & Jean-Lorin Sterian

ALICE PONS (FR) & JEAN-LORIN SERIAN (RO) 02.11 | 20:00 | WASP black box Concept: Alice Pons Performance: Alice Pons & Jean-Lorin Sterian Strip-tease is a series of short solos exploring the well-known concept of striptease. More than just a performance, the piece becomes an intimate moment shared with the audience, a social gathering, a


Melodrama, Eszter Salamon

ESZTER SALAMON (DE) 05.10.2013 / 20:00 / WASP     Concept, Interviews & Performance: Eszter Salamon Text: Krimerné Dr. Eszter Salamon Music: Terre Thaemlitz Music Editing/ Sound Mix: Sabine Ercklentz Visuals: Angela Anderson Technical Direction: Andreas Harder Organisation & Production: Alexandra Wellensiek/Botschaft Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Co-produced by: Berlin Documentary Forum 2 (Berlin), far°-festival des arts


Rechts Radikal, Cristoph Winkler

CRISTOPH WINKLER (DE) 06.10.2013 / 20:00 / WASP Concept: Christoph Winkler Production & Dramaturgy: ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture By & with: Mercedes Appugliese, Emma Daniel, Shirna Eliaserov, Claire Vivianne Sobottke Costumes: Lisa Kentner Light & Tech: André Schulz Co-produced by: Lofft- Das Theater, Leipzig. In cooperation with: SOPHIENSÆLE Berlin, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. Funded

WAM performance 1

We are the Monsters, Colette Sadler

COLETTE SADLER (DE) 10:00 – 11:15/ 28.09 / WASP Performance followed by Workshop Choreography & concept: Colette Sadler Performance: Maxwell McCarthy , Yohei Yamada, Flora Wellesley Wesley Music: Noid / Fritz Welch  The presentation of We are the monsters in Bucharest is supported by the NATIONALES  PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) International Guest Performance Fund for Dance,