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UPDATE: The new deadline for aplications is on the 8th of August 2016

4Culture Association, in co-production with WASP Studios and Life Long Burning launches the 3rd edition of X Platform — a residency programme that offers support for the research and production of interactive projects, new and  trans-media, dedicated to the new generation of visual artists from Romania and Europe. The artists that are interested to participate in the frame of X Platform 2016, can apply by email until the 8th of August 2016.

The goal of the platform is to open a reflexive, esthetic and speculative dialogue between art, technology and the actual socio-cultural context. Trying to express a critical understanding of technology, as being more than a digital world, and of new artistic expression ways, separated from the context of institutionalized culture, the platform is a manifesto for creativity and progress.

At its third edition, this year the platform gravitates around the ”time-based” concept, having Olivia Nitis and Ciprian Ciuclea as curators.

This edition of Platforms X invites to a reflection on technology that allows what we call time-based media art work, meaning any quantifiable artistic product in terms of temporal dimension concerning production result and reception – video, slides, audio, computing – and equally supports the production of a series of art works based on the notion of time. Handling time at technical and conceptual level is a key notion. From experimental film, to video art, sound and installation, multimedia computing, duration is an essential component, but understanding and reflecting this dimension can cast a new tone over the technological discourse and may offer some possibilities for visual and conceptual investigations counting on the awareness on the relationship of interdependence with time as process, as possibility of archiving, recording, as physical, mathematical and metaphysical reality.

X Platform proposes not only immediate use of time-based technology, but mainly the analysis of the technological process as a tool of knowledge in relation to time as a result, content and determinant.” Olivia Nitis & Ciprian Ciuclea (X platform curators – 3rd Edition)

The proposed works should be situated in an advanced stage of concept development, the selected artists or groups of artists being entitle with a residency at WASP – Working Art Space and Production/Bucharest, in order to finalize the production and publicly present as premiere.

The period for the production residencies is 15th of August – 23rd of September 2016 (maximum 2 weeks for each selected project).

The project will be finalized between  the 23rd – 30th of September 2016, with a group exhibition of the artists in residency.

On the WASP Magazine website you can find an archive of the 2014 and 2015 editions.

How to apply:

Send an application dosier that contains the following:

• the application form filled in and signed

•  CV (mandatory) and portfolio (selection of projects – maximum 5 pdf pages)

• other attachments relevant for the application – maximum 5 pdf pages (detailed description of the project, photographies, documentations, drawings etc.).

* You can also send video and sound materials in the limit of one sample in DVD video, mp3 or mp4 format – maximum 2 minutes. Materials should be sent via wetransfer, myairbridge or dropbox.

All the documents have to be sent by e-mail until August 8, 2016 to contact@waspmagazine.com, with the subject X Platform#3 Application.

The selected artists will be contacted by email until the 15th of August 2016.

*The dates can be modified at the organizers` decision.

Guidelines and requirements:

• This call addresses European artists, including Romanian residents.

• The proposals can be either in Romanian or English.

• Maximum 2 works/ artist.

• The call addresses projects situated in an advanced stage of concept development, with articulated proposals of materialization.

• The works should be integrated in the curatorial concept of Olivia Nitiș and Ciprian Ciuclea: “Time-based”

• The proposals should include projects which have not yet been exhibited in a final form.

• The works can take any form, but they have to be well documented, self-sustained, easy to transfer and sustainable for future presentations.

• The works should be appropriate for and encourage the participation of a large area of audience, from children to adults.

• We encourage collaborative projects, which involve the fusion of different fields

• We encourage experiments, problem solving and finding new methods to involve the public in innovative ways which excite thinking.

• 4Culture will secure the exhibition production and will cover the cost for travel, accommodation and fee. The precise details will be discussed with the invited artists.

X Platform is a cultural program in co-production between 4Culture, WASP — Working Art Space & Production and Life Long Burning, with the support of the Culture 2007 — 2013 programme. Partners: Experimental Project, The Contemporary Photography Centre (Iasi), Opus Association (Bucuresti).

A cultural project co-financed by The National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN).

Cultural project financed in the frame of the Cultural Programme ”București – Orașul in-vizibil”, through the Cultural Project Centre of Bucharest – ARCUB and Bucharest City Hall.

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