Coaching Project, Sergiu Matiș

10:00 – 17:00 / 07.10 – 12.10 / WASP


Looking at the body as a tool, as a machinery that serves the curious mind and gives form, texture and dynamics to imagination is at the basis of the workshop.

Movements are explored through structured and guided improvisations, movement patterns can become object like and can be passed on.
Starting with exercises originating in the Klein Technique, aligning the body and following movement, sequencing through anatomical structures, the workshop will focus on applying those principles in movement phrases, improvised and choreographed, in dancing. After the organic approach, there will be an attempt to deconstruct the movement and focus on the physical principles that operate inside the anatomy. The dance will come out of a hybrid body, between human and machine; the dancer: a cyborg.

Through the workshop I’m planning to share with the participants parts of my research at the moment on post-cinematic and queer bodies, and also questioning with them terms of virtual reality, animated gifs, cyborgs, gender, queer, and their possible influences on the dancing body, and also the political aspect of it.

We’ll be looking at dance as transmittable material, like a virus that contaminates the body and creates a cyborg dancer identity. A superficial exchange, for now, that will find depth into the multitude of new possible bodies.

To apply: send your CV and a cover letter to the following address:

Deadline for applications:

- October 5 (for Romanian artists)

- October 15 (for European artists)

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