Nu știu, Andreea Belu

30.10 | 19:00 | WASP black box

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Concept: Andreea Belu
Performance: Alexandra Bălășoiu, Alina Petrică, Andreea C. Hristu / Andreea Belu, Diana Spiridon
Visuals:  Ștefan Schultz / Mihai Ciobanu
Sound & light design:  Alexandros Raptis
Scenography:  Chris Burlacu / Rodica Știrbu
Produced by: UNATC

With the support of: WASP – Working Art Space and Production

A performance about 4 girls trying to survive. Survive themselves and the others, the imaginary world in their minds and the social reality they suddenly woke up to.

Andreea Belu graduated the choreography section at U.N.A.T.C. “I. L. Caragiale“, Bucharest and the choreography master programme of the same institution. She has been teaching contemporary dance, contact improvisation, pilates, yoga for over 7 years. Along the years, she has collaborated as a performer, teacher, student with the National Dance Center Bucharest, 4Culture Association, Fabrica de Pensule, Workshop Foundation (Hungary), North Karelia College (Finland). She has also collaborated with Odeon Theatre and Nottara Theatre, as choreographer and performer. Currently, she is involved in the Roots&Routes international network, where she creates and develops artistic projects to fight social discrimination. Movement, dance and theatre are, for her, a direct and sincere way to reach people.


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