Live performances presented in Bucharest and Paris, within the Memory of the Future event


WASP Studios present on Monday, the 5th of November 2018, starting 8 pm (local hour), the Memory of the Future event, that includes live performances held in Bucharest and Paris and simultaneously broadcasted through Skype in both capitals, at WASP Working Art Space (Romania) and Cabaret de la Performance (France). The event is part of the international project NETCAST: Bucharest – Paris and it is organized in collaboration with the 4Culture Association, Cabaret de la Performance and the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

Coordinated by artists Marilena Preda Sanc (Romania) and Wanda Mihuleac (France), the two live programs involve as well the participation of several Romanian and French artists whose interpretation integrates four key concepts defining the NETCAST project: dialogue, listening, exploration, assimilation:

➢ In Bucharest:

Marilena Preda Sanc presents, together with Olivia Nitis, the Artist vs Curator. Sweet Art performance, which ironically treats the creation process intermediated by the curator / art critic and that is tasted by the public.

Ilinca Harnut explores the mass-media and the consolidation of the figure of the patriarch-leader in Daddy Dearest solo performance.

Mihai Plamadeala and Irinel Anghel approach, in the Micro Fields performance, the relationship between the random and the artistic will in a post-humanist context, presenting a postminimalist musical composition, made in real-time loop, in a context of motion and light.

▪ The Mapping Maps performance proposed by Cosmin Paulescu is part of the extended cycle of the “Map – portable territories” works and represents an insight into the actual state of the European Community in the context of the new challenges it has faced lately.

Patricia Teodorescu proposes, in the RITUAL performance, a journey between two parallel worlds – the one of the personal, intimate and creative identity and the other of the collective identity.

In Paris (live performances to be broadcasted through Skype in Bucharest):

▪ Wanda Mihuleac presents a updated version of a collective performance realized in 1976 in Romania, Drawing – contact of a sign, together with Amélie Pironneau, Julius Deep and Olivier Chebab.

▪ Davide Napoli & Bonnie Tchien Hy present the Straight Line performance, in which the intervention of the recited text determines a philosophical depth of action.

▪ François Poyet produces live poetry in the spirit of the lettrist group he was part of, alongside Isidor Isou.

▪ Alexandra Loewe tests the spatial dimension of the human body in the 1.7m2 performance.

▪ Ada Tudor proposes a performance with a sociological theme, inspired by a paradoxical reality – “sologamy” – marriage with oneself.

The Lapsus of the Void film, created by Elodie Lachaud and Davide Napoli, will be projected in the closure of the eventThe film is a pas de deux. The gesture of everyday life is transposed into an obsessive and repetitive movement where appearance and disappearance are in resonance with the memory of the future.

Organized by WASP Studios, the NETCAST – Bucharest / Paris project is aimed at connecting communities and artists from different cities in Romania and Europe through various artistic media. Extensively, the program explores innovative technological solutions in relation to the creative ability to produce and present installations and live performances. Furthermore, the project activates an insufficiently explored segment in the transdisciplinary multimedia area of contemporary art in Romania and shifts the emphasis from live-art performance to virtual-art performance, investigating the intimate / public space, the identity of the artist and the work of art as well.


Details Netcast: Bucharest – Paris // 05.11.2018 // 20:00 

Bucharest, WASP Working Art Space and Production, 67 – 93 Ion Minulescu Street, E Building, 2nd Floor

with Marilena Preda Sanc & Olivia Nitis, Cosmin Paulescu, Ilinca Harnut, Mihai Plamadeala & Irinel Anghel, Patricia Teodorescu

Paris, Cabaret de la Performance, 52 Rue Jean-Baptiste, Pigalle

with Ada Tudor, Alexandra Loewe, Bonnie Tchien HY, Davide Napoli, Elodie Lachaud, François Poyet and Wanda Mihuleac, together with Amélie Pironneau, Deed Julius and Olivier Chebab

Free entrance


Producer Netcast: Bucharest – Paris: WASP Studios

Co-producer: 4Culture Association

Cultural project co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN)

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. This is entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Partners: Cabaret de la Performance (Paris), National University of Arts in Bucharest

Cabaret de la Performance is an independent structure created by the artist-performer Bonnie Tchien Hy, of French-Taiwanese origin, along with a group of international artists, writers, musicians and dancers, and it is based in the Pigalle district of Paris. Cabaret de la Performance organizes the “Monday of Performance” every Monday of each month, where contemporary issues are tackled, and participates in Parisian cultural events such as “Spring of Poets”, “Food Art Week”, “White Night” and “YIA fair”.

Media partners: Radio Romania Cultural, Modernism, Zeppelin, Arta Magazine, Feeder


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