Leeds Screendance Competition Screening


WASP – Working Art Space and Production continues the series of special screenings of the most appreciated dance films in the world, co-presented by dance film festivals from Europe and USA. The screenings are part of I.D.M.P.A. (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts), in the frame of GROWASP – Ground for Research an Education, a program organized by 4culture and WASP-Working Art Space and Production with the purpose of providing new perspectives for the young artists with or without professional studies and the desire to integrate them in the international context of contemporary art development by offering training sessions in fields which are not available in the institutionalized educational system. I.D.M.P.A. is coordinated by choreographer and artistic director Simona Deaconescu.

Sunday April 19, 7 pm, takes place the second dance film screening from the series, co-presented by Leeds International Film Festival. In the line-up you can find the films selected at Leeds Screendance Competition.

AMAUROS / Nicole Seiler / Switzerland / 2014 / 2 mins


Audio Description is a procedure that makes cinema accessible to blind or visually impaired audiences, thanks to a voice off-stage that describes the visual elements of the work. By withholding information, Amauros creates a powerful mental image of fraught human intimacy.

BLACK TAPE / Michelle & Uri Kranot / Denmark / 2014 / 3 mins


In an entangled tango, the victim and victimizer dance, occupying the frame and the space between brushstrokes. This film is based on news and documentary footage, exploring the implications of life under occupation.

CRACKS / Álex Pachón / Spain / 2013 / 4 mins


A morning ritual taken to the extreme. Tightly synched sound and image build an unsettling rhythm.

EMBRACE / Shantala Pepe / UK & Belgium / 2014 / 7 mins


A woman and a man share a suspended moment of intimacy sitting before a vast ocean. Subtle and gentle choreography conveys the ambiguity of the relationship.

LET’S SAY / Fuk Pac Jim & Li De / Hong Kong / 2014 / 8 mins


From an escalator to the Last Supper in a swimming pool. Phubbing is a term coined to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone.

MEMORIAS / Bertie & Ponciano Almeida / UK & Brazil / 2014 / 3 mins


Filmed on location in Guaratinguetà, Brazil and in London, an evocative exploration of a dancers past and his memory of the varied styles he encountered on the streets of his youth.

MOVING YEREVAN / Jevan Chowdhury / UK / 2014 / 7 mins


Yerevan is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, the history of its people measured in millennia. Filmed over three days and three nights against everyday life, this seven minute film presents the capital of Armenia through the movements of forty-seven dancers.

ROOMS / Paul Sarvis / USA / 2013 / 6 mins


A young dancer moves within the confines of a small windowless room; and an elderly woman rises from bed and leaves her apartment as we hear of her struggle to recall the rooms of a long-gone home

SILENT PLACES / Simona Deaconescu / Romania / 2013 / 12 mins


Five strangers are gathered in the same unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused thoughts, trying to regain strength over their altered bodies. The story unfolds itself from within. The camera bursts into the heart of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday’s warfare.

TANGO BRASILEIRO / Gabriela Alcofra & Billy Cowie / UK & Brazil / 2014 / 3 mins


A subtle meditation on being out of time, using gestural choreography with archive footage of 1930s Rio de Janeiro.

THE TIME IT TAKES / Katrina McPherson & Simon Fildes / UK / 2013 / 11 mins


The Time it Takes is rooted in the landscape of the Outer Hebrides; as the film develops, its protagonists settle into the breath and flow of their surroundings.

VANISHING POINTS / Marites Carino / Canada / 2014 / 9 mins


Set along the edges of a triangular heritage building in Montreal, two individuals dance alone, yet unwittingly influence one another. A visual exploration of momentary connection within an otherwise disconnected world.

Curator: Andy Wood with support from Gitta Wigrow (Independent dance, London)

Attendance is free of charge. The participants from The GROWASP program have priority.
This screening is a special event organised by WASP – Working Art Space and Production and co-presented by Leeds International Film Festival. It is strictly forbidden to record or photograph any of the films from the schedule.

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