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Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium – Day 3

Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium – Day 3

The HEROES WERE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US. From selfie to monument photo exhibition, signed by Iosif Király, will be open on Monday, July 1, starting 19:30. The exhibition investigates, through reconstructions and photographic associations, various situations in which citizens of the digital age relate to history and the personalities that have marked it. Artist, architect


Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium – Day 2

In the PROXIMITY REMOTE installation presented within Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium on June 29, at 19:30, the Romanian visual artist Ciprian Ciuclea addresses to the public two important questions about the activity of Hayabusa 2 Japanese probe. On February 21st, 2019, this probe successfully reached the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, approximately 290 million kilometers from


About Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium, with Andreea Căpitănescu

The Performance, architecture and landscape symposium approaches the relationship between art, architecture and landscape from a perspective of ecological practices, in which the body is seen as a link between these specific areas. The second perspective refers to the fact that, in the future, climate change will influence, transform and endanger the human existence in